The finalists of The New Paper New Face 2015 will be individually introduced to the public from tomorrow in a four-page fashion spread.

The contest – now in its 23rd cycle – is presented by Subaru, with official apparel Levi’s and official shoes and accessories from New Look. Official beverage is Caffè Cagliari by Owl International.

As this is our Golden Jubilee year, we celebrate all things Singaporean to launch the New Face 15’s top 20.

Here is a tribute to emerging local fashion labels and iconic Singaporean landmarks:


They are urbane and walk on the edgy side of fashion.

TNP New Face 2015 salutes Singapore the cool girls.jpg

(From left) Niqi Chass, 23; Marie Vanessa Chang, 18; Joeypink Lai, 23; Samradha Sanjeev, 18; and Selynna Norhisham, 22.

Location: HAJI LANE

It is famous for its hip stores. Shops there sell one-of-a-kind accessories and crafts. Unique cafes add to the chic factor.

Label: MAX.TAN

MAX.TAN is all about minimalism but with a twist. The goal is to create an exquisite silhouette that plays with shape and style.


Sweet, chirpy, pretty, they are the belles of the ball.

TNP New Face 2015 salutes Singapore the queens.jpg

(From left) Jessica Goh, 15; Vanessa Ho, 16; R Nametha, 17; Melissa Poh, 16; and Tanisha Lissa Khan, 17.


It is now Singapore’s only sand-based dragon playground. The Housing Board introduced this playground, designed by Mr Khor Ean Ghee, in 1979.

Label: SHAWN

Shawn may be a 12-year-old boy, but his drawings are already becoming popular in the fashion world. They are inspired by his childhood interest in dinosaurs and robots, and have been printed onto T-shirts, pullovers and jackets.


They look like angels but will leave you in the dust as they outrun you.

TNP New Face 2015 salutes Singapore sporty.jpg

(From left) Sherine Tan, 25; Stacey Manoharan, 21; Nikki Pang, 19; Lin Jiahui, 19; and Amy Syireen Marican, 18.


Founded in 1859, the Singapore Botanic Gardens played a large part in Singapore’s agricultural development as a hot spot for plant growth and experimentation. This July, it was inscribed as Singapore’s first United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (Unesco) World Heritage Site.


Depression was created in 2006 and takes inspiration from gothic, punk and street styles. The brand features Chinese characters and cultures, and leans towards styles with a rebellious flair.


Alluring and mysterious, they seduce even without trying.

TNP New Face 2015 salutes Singapore femme fatales.jpg

(From left) Denise Pung, 22; Lee Qian Hui, 23; Ophelia Oliveiro, 22; Angie Watkins, 19; and Ischelle Ong, 21.


A place that comes alive at night. Located along the Singapore River, it used to be a vital spot for trade and was also used for unloading cargo to warehouses in the early 1800s. Since then, Clarke Quay has thrived as a commercial area boasting jazz clubs, nightclubs and restaurants.


Wardrobe Theory creates womenswear that is sensible yet bold. The well-cut clothes flatter the body.

Images: The New Paper

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