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Everyone loves to experience winter while overseas, donning thick coats and gloves and admiring beautiful landmarks in freezing temperatures. It’s great fun. Now, you don’t even need to fly out of Singapore to see some of the world’s famous landmarks in winter conditions.

The 2 Degree Ice Art exhibition, held right beside the Marina Bay Sands hotel in a purpose-built exhibition hall of -15 degrees, will showcase some of the most iconic landmarks in the world – made in ice. Carved by 20 professional ice sculptors in only 20 days, 450 tons of ice is used to make landmarks like Florida’s Walt Disney World Archway, New York’s Statue of Liberty, Paris’s Eiffel Tower, and even Singapore’s Merlion.

ice castle.png

Many of these ice sculptures are carved with dyed and coloured ice blocks and embedded with LED lighting, taking you to a colourful winter wonderland as you step into the exhibition to view these sculptures up to six metres in height.

Apart from the exhibition, there will also be an ice bar specially set up for customers who want to experience having a drink from specially carved ice mugs, which will keep your drinks (and lips) cold. Food stalls will be set up outside the exhibition as well, so you can have a quick bite before or after admiring the ice sculptures.

ice slide.png

To make your experience at the 2 Degree Ice Art Exhibition an even more realistic one, snow making machines will be set up to create snowfalls inside and outside the exhibition. There will even be a children’s playground made entirely out of ice, so kids can slide down ice slides after marvelling at the ice sculptors.

The 2 Degree Ice Art Exhibition is held from November 20, 2013 to May, 2014 at Sheares Link, Bayfront Avenue. At 10am. Tickets cost $32 (adult) and $26 (child) each.
For more information about the 2 Degree Ice Art Exhibition, visit its website at You can also follow it on Facebook