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Technology has revolutionised our lives in every aspect.  We want things, quite literally, at our fingertips at all times.  As smart phones propelled us into the 21st century, brands followed suit with apps that will keep them in business and keep us happy. The saying ‘there’s an app for that’ is more literal nowadays than you could possibly think of – from immediate medical advice to meditation help to finances minus the accountant…you can app your way to a happier, healthier and cheaper life.

We couldn’t possibly include EVERY app that we love for fear of being here until 2020 still writing this feature, so instead we’ve chosen our favourites that have been handpicked by is and all come with a massive stamp of HerWorld approval.




We have ALL been there: A sudden physical symptom that comes to your attention at the most inconvenient time.  You Google it (there’s your first mistake) and you’re left being 95% sure you’re about to die of an illness that you never knew you had until all of your symptoms crops up on page 3 of the internet. It’s life threatening…of course it is.

To salvage everyone’s sanity and offer RELIABLE and professional advice, Mydoc app now exists and has just recently taken on Guardian as a partner.  This app allows the user to chat directly with a qualified pharmacist who will talk you through your symptoms and either direct you to the right medicine or advise you to take it further.

Mydoc also helps you order medicine online and whilst this is priceless for those in need, it’s the peace of mind that is the real value here.  You don’t need to panic because it’s 2am and the GP is shut – Mydoc is a 24/7 service. And yes, it’s a real person you’re talking on the other end, no robots provided, we promise.



This app’s tagline is ‘meditation and mindfulness made simple’ and to me, that’s enough to get my attention. Being a yoga lover who overworks, over-stresses and nods towards anxiety for no reason, mindfulness is key in my life. Headspace offers you moments in your packed out day where you can just practice these two pillars of mental health with a guide to aid your way. The app also forces you to commit to your practice, which is often my downfall when I am packed with events, clients and deadlines.

It’s free to download so you really have nothing to lose, but everything to gain from giving it a go.


Daily deals and money saving


I tried ACTIVPASS through a recommendation with a slightly ‘but what does this offer me?’ mindset.  It sounds very gym/workout heavy but I can reassure you, far from it. With three main categories: Fitness, Beauty and Wellness, each holds a multitude of various goods and services that we all don’t wish to pay full-price for.

Pitched as your lifestyle passport, to which I concur, this app is absolutely super for last minute deals to satisfy your, well, last minute whims. The prices on the last minute deals section are insanely cheap. For example, I got a 90-minute full body massage plus hot stones for a mere $28.  It was SO cheap I was half expecting the salon to be a mistake or a fake…but to my shock it was an incredible experience.  ACTIVPASS have managed to curate excellent deals for all our lifestyle needs at amazing prices without compromising on the quality of services offered.

If I could rate it personally, this app gets nothing lower than top marks.



Fave is the new Groupon over here in good ol’ Singa and whilst this app is nothing new, it’s still a must-download for the girls who like a cheap thrill.  What I use Fave for is my long term packages, such as IPL and yoga classes, because there is an abundance of packages that are insanely cheap. Why pay $38 for one yoga lesson when you can buy a bundle of 4 or 6 for LESS than that? It’s a no-brainer.  Fave is also good for dining deals or trying new things you’d not usually opt for… as well as the weekend getaway deals that make me want to book them ALL up and never return to the office again.

Fave was, and still is, a fave of mine.



Wally is a penny-pinching sales-dodging money-saving life-saving app…and I mean all of that.   This personal finance app helps me balance my income, expenses, bills, work out where my money goes and delivers my budget until my next payday.

If Headspace helps sort out your mind and ACTIVPASS helps sort out your physical wellbeing then Wally helps sort out your financial health.  Oh, and it’s free to download too. Try it out and start seeing your finances edge upwards, not down!



Nike+ Training Club

This nifty training app by sports brand Nike provides 15 to 45-minute long workout routines. You can opt for the equipment-free ones, which makes it really convenient for when you’re at home but have a burst of energy. The training is divided into strength, endurance, and mobility training so you can tailor your workouts to suit your goals too. They collaborate with athletes and entertainers like Kevin Hart, Serena WIlliams, and Ellie Goulding. Plus, they just added yoga workouts last month!



I’ve recently signed up for Guavapass, a monthly subscription that allows users to register for yoga/HIIT/circuit/pilates/muay thai…classes at various gyms and studios. There are a lot of places available so it makes working out (to relieve stress) extra convenient. The last thing we need is EXTRA stress beyond the office of trying to slot in class times or get to and from a studio that’s miles away.

Since I get to try out different studios, it’s also a fun way to meet new people. I also love that the subscription fee isn’t too expensive ($169 per month); in fact, it’s cheaper than signing up with a single studio. So yes, I really can’t live without this app…for now.


General happiness


Netflix was obviously on our list because, you know, MRT and cab rides home are not the same without catching up on your favourite series.  Sure, we’re all distraught after we come to the final episode in our current addicted show, but that doesn’t stop us from watching back-to-back whenever we get the chance.

But there’s more – now you can download episodes which are stored in the app to watch at your convenience and it won’t eat up your data. It’s like Netflix heard our cries ‘we love you but you’re using up our entire month’s internet’ and delivered an astounding solution to keep us all happy.  


I mean,there’s absolutely no way I could have chartered apps that make life easier and happier without mentioning Uber. To be able to book, track and pay for cab without standing in long queues or risking becoming roadkill trying to hail one down is just a dream.  Standing in one spot mapping out my cab’s route and knowing it will reach me within 4 minutes makes me very very happy indeed.  Yes, the prices increase on demand so when it’s pouring with rain, they do charge more, but there’s lot of promotions and discount codes that you get emailed too which gets added to your account. You can also split rides with friends via the app so they pay their share via their account, or opt for Uber Pool to get cheaper rides by sharing with strangers who are on the same route.


Honestbee is, as we all know, not the only food delivery app available but it’s one of my absolute favourites. Why? Firstly, it’s free delivery. Some food delivery apps add a hefty delivery charge onto every order and an extra charge on top of that too during peak times. Honestbee is consistently free.  

But what’s more impressive is that it isn’t just a takeout service for the lazy or mildly drunk people.  It also offers full grocery shops at various big stores so you don’t even need to worry anymore about the dreaded long trips to the supermarket. They also offer services like laundry and dry cleaning.

I LOVE Honestbee because every single food delivery I’ve got from here has been absolutely delicious.  With other apps i got used to the food arriving rather unlike the images portrayed and was often disappointed. This app has never let me or my gurgling tummy down!

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