Zooey Deschanel is Zooey Deschanel looks “so darn cute” in everything she wears, says the star’s on-screen costume designer.

The quirky actress stars as unlucky-in-love Jessica Day in new Fox sitcom New Girl. The show’s stylist Debra McGuire thinks Zooey makes her character’s wardrobe look effortlessly chic.

“Everything is so darn cute on her,” Debra gushed to People. “The hair, the face, the eyes… every time she puts something on it just sparkles.”

Debra wanted to “do something that we hadn’t seen on TV before” when it came to Zooey’s New Girl wardrobe. She thought carefully about the character of Jess before deciding on staple pieces.

“I thought the best thing for Jess was to do primary colours — there’s something about those that I thought really worked for the character. So she’s sort of a mix of Crayola crayons,” she smiled.

“[Her shoes] are all in primary colours, so I mix and match those with her outfits. I’ll pair a purple dress and green shoes, for example. We’re not playing it safe with colour.”

Debra and Zooey have a harmonious working relationship. The costume finds the gorgeous actress easy to work with and trusts her opinion.

“[We’re] pretty much on the same wavelength. I haven’t had a situation where she didn’t want to wear something, or didn’t like something. I don’t put her in anything that’s not a favourite,” she explained.

Jess’ wardrobe isn’t the most adventurous when it comes to styling, admits Debra. However, she always follows the direction of the show’s script.

“[Jess is] just re-entering the dating world — it is maturing a bit,” Debra explained. “There’s constantly a slight evolution, though it’s very script-driven. I just follow the lead of the writers.” © COVER MEDIA