Female star Zhang Ziyi and mainland China singer Wang Feng registered their marriage in Hong Kong secretly in March 2015.

According to Asian E-News Portal, endless rumours have been circulating and it is reported Ziyi will be giving birth in the US and her expected date of labour is around end December or January 2016.

Mainland China Director Wei Nan confirmed the pregnancy news related to Ziyi last month.

A fan recently posted online that staff at the Baby Mom Care Home in the US had disclosed that Ziyi had given birth to a baby boy in the US.

Wang Feng did not respond to the rumour until nine hours later. He left a message on Weibo: “Nothing to reply. Please enjoy your weekend and accompany your family.”

The netizen then speculated that Ziyi had not given birth by judging Wang Feng’s reply.

Within half an hour, Ziyi shared photo of herself and the dog and left a message: “Son? Only one.”

Ziyi personally denied that she has already given birth, but many netizens have already congratulated her for expecting a baby boy.