Image: Zhang Ziyi / Weibo

Zhang Ziyi’s husband Wang Feng has come to her defence after the actress posted photos which sparked scoldings from his former girlfriend, model Ge Huijie.

On Monday, Zhang had posted two Weibo pictures showing herself and Wang celebrating Valentine’s Day with little Manxi, who is Wang’s daughter from a relationship with Ge.

She captioned it “Our 2.14”. It was reportedly the first glimpse of her with her stepdaughter.

Ge responded by posting remarks such as, “Please carry your own daughter to show off your happiness… why use my daughter to put on a fake smile?”

Zhang gave birth to a daughter with Wang in December.

Yesterday, Wang hit back, according to NetEase. In a long Weibo post, the rocker said he no longer could stay silent in the face of Ge’s “wayward abuse and insults” which were now aimed at his wife.

Giving readers a peek at what Zhang is like as a stepmother, he referred to Manxi by saying, “In Xixi’s many lonely and helpless moments, Ziyi gave her incomparable warmth and selfless and sincere mother’s love.”

He added that the actress would buy thoughtful presents for the girl, go to the beach and trek with her, cut her nails, tie her braids and teach her English.

He also asked Ge if she had looked after Manxi for one day of her life.

He has another daughter from an earlier marriage.


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