Credit: Instagram/ Pan Sichen

A new month, new beginnings, and former Mediacorp actor Zhang Zhenhuan has welcomed his second child. 

While the 37-year-old (who goes by the name Zhenxuan now) hasn’t posted anything on social media yet, his wife Sally Pan took to Instagram on Friday (Sept 3) to announce the birth of their daughter. 

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Posting a snap of the couple looking adoringly at their newborn, Sally, 26, wrote: “Hi September, let’s start!”

In a series of Instagram Stories that will get Zhenxuan’s fans swooning with joy, Sally shared a photo of their baby girl, whom they nicknamed Nuan Nuan, and another snap of the Sichuan-born actor cuddling her on the hospital bed. 

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PHOTO: Screengrab from Instagram/ Pan Sichen

Zhenxuan, who is mostly based in China, had announced earlier this year that they were expecting a second child and hoped to deliver in Singapore if they could travel. However, looking at Sally’s recent social media posts, it appears she was in Shanghai just three weeks ago, so it’s likely Nuan Nuan was born in China. 

The couple’s firstborn Miro was born last year, and they have been active in posting photos of the little one on social media. 

This article was first published in AsiaOne.