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A photo posted by Xiang Yun’s Official Account (@xiang_yun_) onJun 3, 2015 at 4:44pm PDT


In your daily allocated dose of adorableness, Xiang Yun finally ‘fesses up to how she knew from the get-go that her hunky hubby Edmund Chen was The One … and the tale is every bit as treacly as you’d imagine.

All the dreamy #deets were dished in a webisode for Edmund’s latest docu-video project, Ah Cai La Kopi, a talking-head series of snippety interviews of Singaporeans from (cliched as it sounds) all walks of life.

(Singlish dictionary entry: “La Kopi” is Hokkien slang referencing our national obsession with “pulling” coffee, or chitchatting over a cuppa.)

In any case, here’s what went down at the amusingly awkward interview. Edmund decided to go for the jugular with a million-dollar question: Why did you decide to marry me?

And her answer? Drumroll, please – it all boils down to Edmund’s groovy sense of retro fashion.

As Xiang Yun puts it, the first thing her twenty-something-year-old self noticed about her future life partner were his “cool” walkman earphones, which were perpetually jammed into his ears as the sprightly stud sauntered about on set.

The filming of their first drama together sealed the deal; Xiang Yun even adds that she was determined to get married to him. Aw. The rest, as they say, is telenovela history.

Oh yeah, one more thing. Edmund’s video project was partially funded by the National Library Board and the Ministry Of Culture, Community and Youth – and yes, this is an #SG50 thing. Oh, well. Have fun seeing Xiang Yun squirm in embarrassment below!


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