Jennifer Lopez is reportedly devastated after losing three inches from her butt. When the 44-year-old first shot to fame much was made of her shapely rear end, and she’s even included a track called Booty on her latest album A.K.A.

Over the last few months Jennifer has dropped some weight after embarking on a vegan diet and she’s also been working out more with trainer Tracy Anderson ‒ which has caused her some problems.

Jennifer Lopez is devastated after losing inches from her butt DECOR

“Jen loves having a rounded rear end ‒ it’s what made her name and she’s proud of it,” a source told British magazine Heat. “Tracy promises that their exercise regime would build her bottom up, but it hasn’t. Jen measured herself and realised she’s lost three inches off her beloved butt.”

The star was said to be inconsolable when she made the discovery. She immediately asked Tracy for a meeting and they have come up with a new routine packed with exercises that should see her rump restored to all its former glory.

“Jen hit the roof. It’s exactly what she was worried about ‒ knowing that Tracy is more used to super-skinny stars like Gwyneth Paltrow, who don’t want any shape at all,” the insider said.

“Jen had an emergency meeting with Tracy and they’ve totally revamped her workout. There will be more squats with heavy weights, and Jen’s said she wants to put on at least ten pounds of muscle. J-Lo got her ass insured in 2010 for US$27 million, so this is a serious business.”