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While many envy Vivian Dawson for being able to date the lovely Jolin Tsai, few can imagine the tremendous amount of stress he has to face for doing so.

During an interview recently, despite their now 6-year-long relationship, Vivian revealed that the couple had almost broken up on their second year of relationship, reports Asian Popnews. 

In the initial stages of their relationship, the pair were often photographed by the paparazzi, and Vivian often avoided using the main entrance to his agency for fear of running into them.

He mused that he often had to use the emergency exit or the the windows. Sometimes, he even had to crash at his neighbour’s place.

Two years into their relationship, Vivian was so stressed that ‘white hair started sprouting’. 

Said Vivian: “Stress can really cause white hair!”

Due to the tremendous pressure from the media, the pair considered breaking up, and Vivian admitted that he was very emotionally depressed at the time and he disliked living in Taiwan. 

However, after adjusting his mindset, he became more positive, and part of the process he claims, was to imagine his stage name ‘Jinrong” as just a persona, and viewing any press report regarding himself as a novel. 

He said: “That was not me. I’m not like that.”

He eventually overcame his emotions after a year. 

While Vivian admitted that he has though of settling down and having kids, there are no weddings plans yet due to the hectic schedules of the two.

He understands that Jolin views her career as her priority, and would remain in Taiwan for Jolin.


The original version of this story was published in Lollipop on December 13, 2016.

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