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Actress Rui En, who had a lot to explain after her gaffe in an April 14 traffic accident in Clementi, found herself explaining things over and over again. 

Yesterday, the 35-year-old actress had to make another clarification. This time, it was for leaving the Star Awards Part 2 after host Pornsak poked fun at her now infamous one-liner onstage: “Do you know who I am?”

She left almost in a huff instead of joining other TV artistes for the celebration party after the show on Sunday night (April 24), kindling gossip that she was either angry at Pornsak for rubbing salt in the wound, or disappointed that she didn’t win the best actress award.

Truth be told, the actress posted on her official fan club website yesterday that she had to leave because her gastritis had taken a turn for the worse and she had vomited “due to the stress of the previous events”.

“Leaving was not a matter of being angry at Pornsak’s shade or not winning Best Actress,” wrote the actress who created a storm following her remark to the owner of a stationary motorbike that she had knocked down.

Rui En threw up

Following the incident, she claimed that her words “Do you know who I am?” had been taken out of context.

She had explained that she wanted to assure the bike owner that she would not be running away from the case since she was a well-known personality. She has since apologised to him and also expressed disappointment with herself over her behaviour at the accident.

Her statement yesterday shows she still has yet to pull herself together after the brouhaha over the incident.

“I am sure you understand the toll stress and pressure can take on one’s physicality (sic),” she wrote.

If you didn’t get to see it on TV on Sunday, she vomited in front of the audience, revealed Rui En in the same post.

“In case you guys did not know, I puked literally walking in front of the audience. A lot of people saw me vomit into my hands,” said the actress who had won an All-Time Favourite Artiste award more than a week ago in the first part of the award show.

I am not pregnant

In yesterday’s clarification, she was quick to state that she was not expectant in case people start speculating the possibility.

“Yes, too much information but I feel necessary to explain. And before it all starts, no, I am not pregnant,” she said.

Her fan club website has received many messages expressing concern over her sickness.

The club issued a statement yesterday saying “we were just as worried, so it’s good that Rui En has taken time to update us although she had filming today”.

It said it believed she wouldn’t have missed the post-show party if she could make it.


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