Why Michelle Chong was blasted for a laksa photo on Instagram! B.pngImage: Straits Times

Ah, ‘tis a rare sight indeed to see a glamour girl who’s also a gourmand in real life.

Want evidence of Michelle Chong’s exceptionally enthusiastic approach to fine food?

A cursory scroll through her Instagram feed should suffice: It’s stuffed with shot after shot of #diediemusttry dishes – including one that’s incurred the wrath of a fellow foodie.

As the star of new feature film Our Sister Mambo puts it to our pals over at The Straits Times, with great fame comes great food – and a little side order of hate: “Hawkers always give celebrities extra food … Last year, I was with a friend who wanted to try claypot laksa at Alexandra Village Food Centre and there was a long queue.”

“As the stall displayed a recommendation label from a television food show that I had hosted, my friend suggested that I make small talk with the stall owner. I went reluctantly and was given a bowl. I posted a photo of the laksa on Instagram and received a comment: ‘Who do you think you are? My mother queued for 20 minutes and you took her bowl of laksa away?’ I apologised to her.”

So all’s well that ends well, then. Good on you, Michelle, for not milking your stardom for snacks! Signing off with another amusing morsel of intel from the woman herself, who’s apparently earned a rep for being an on-set glutton: “When I started out, I was quite greedy and was known as the ‘eating monster’ among the crew. I couldn’t stop eating as I did not want good food to go to waste.” Ha, hilarious!

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