Why Fann Wong is my idol and the best future Mum period NEW B.png

Fann really brings out the fann-atic in me (sorry). The legendary leading lady’s chesty cover shot for Her World’s May 2014 issue is signed, sealed and squirrelled away in cold storage; her cool younger sis was my secondary school pal (yo, Wenqing!); and my phone pings me whenever Fann posts something new on social media.

And boy, is the 43-year-old well versed in the ways of the young. Fann’s Instagram account is like a minefield of (admittedly carefully curated) personal gems, including the big reveal of an adorable kit for her future kid.

So, boy or girl? Let’s read the tea leaves via some of my favourite Insta-shots from the good woman‬ herself, pictures which double up as incontrovertible proof of of Fann’s flawlessness:

#WhatWillTheBabyWear? As it turns out, an intriguingly gender-neutral Breton striped sweater courtesy of posh French brand Petit Bateau, natch. In a Lianhe Zaobao scoop, Fann says she has a hunch the little one’s a lass: “I feel it’s a girl. I don’t know. It feels like it.” Here’s hoping she’s right and that our own mini Fann meets Prince George in future!

Fann’s a flower girl after my own heart. Sorry, not sorry, I don’t care for plebeians who can’t appreciate a plush bouquet of posies. A flower’s fleshy petals are so stirringly sensual – roses are, after all, just about the only sex organs you can sniff in public without getting arrested.

Here’s one of my favourite shots of my idol, looking fresher than the freshly cut, straight-off-the-plane stalk of Yves Piaget rose she’s posing with.

She makes time for dimly lit dinners with hunky hubby Chris. All together now, aww. Screentime is secondary for Fann at the mo; the multiple Star Awards winner says she’s turned down at least four high-profile gigs – one reportedly co-starring the Fan Bingbing herself – in order to prep for pregnancy. 

As for Chris? The man’s clearly in the running for a Rad Dad honourary mention; Fann says the dishy daddy-to-be plans to decorate the baby room by himself when he’s done with work commitments in Taiwan. The colour scheme? A chic and calming white-and-green, gussied up with the parents’ staggering stockpile of acting trophies, perhaps?

Fann’s a fann-tastic filmographer. Just cop a look at this fabulously edited clip of the two of them frolicking in what appears to be a plush private pool. Loving the flirty glances, sepia treatment, whimsical soundtrack and adorable peck Chris bestows upon his wife’s belly. Singapore’s preeminent power couple are clearly comfortable, if not deeply infatuated, with each other – proving once again that pregnancy shouldn’t sound the death knell for romance!

Fann eating fast food? Not on Chris’ watch. Frankly, we can’t imagine the petite prima donna ever letting French fries pass her lacquered lips, preggers or no … unless they happen to be Moschino, of course.

As for her real diet, Fann says she’s currently on what she calls a traditional Chinese medicine regime: That means cutting out all “cooling” fruits and chilled drinks. Another telling peek into the endearingly kiasu Singaporean woman’s psyche? Fann says the future baby’s Mandarin monicker will be pre-approved by a fortune teller.

Because only Fann Wong can get away with acting cute at 43. Developing a baby bump doesn’t mean your mind should magically switch to matronly mode. I love how the years have lent Fann a winking sense of self-awareness; she’s completely unafraid of goofing off in a shapeless white robe, for instance.

And that, my friends, is why Fann Wong is the most adorable, glamourous, open yet inscrutable, enviably porcelain-skinned and by all accounts professional heroine this side of Angelina Jolie. Best wishes on an speedy delivery, we’ll see you and your kiddo soon!

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