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In the latest episode of Queen, the topic discussed was on the “necessary skills of a warm man”.

Pauline Lan shared that she has only met two warm guys, reports Asianpopnews.

She said one of them is her father, and the other, Jerry Yan.

She revealed that in a gathering, a few friends had hitched a ride with Meifen Chen, where one of their friends who had drank too much suddenly vomited in the car.

Afraid that it would dirty Meifen’s car, Jerry actually extended his hand to catch the vomit.

Pauline got a shock and immediately asked Jerry to throw it out of the window.

Jerry, however, remained very calm and said no.

Jerry then insisted Meifen pull over, before walking to a nearby dustbin to throw the vomit away.

Since that day, Pauline has remained very moved by Jerry’s gesture.

She apparently had also tested Jerry: “If it were me who vomit, will you still extend your hand out?”

To which, Jerry had replied without hesitation, “Of course!”

Pauline praised Jerry and said, “Do not think that he is aloof just because he looks cold and cool – he is actually very attentive.”


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