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Flushed with success from the recent Star Awards, local actress Julie Tan is heading off to New York to brush up on her acting skills.

Just crowned Best Supporting Actress, she will do a four-month acting course at the school of acting in New York Film Academy, reported Toggle entertainment site.

Tan, 23, is taking a six-month break from acting after winning a clutch of awards including the Rocket Award and Top 10 Most Popular Female Artiste Award.

She will leave for Big Apple at the end of June.

She told Toggle she made up her mind almost a year ago after she felt that she should step out of her comfort zone in MediaCorp and push herself forward.

“In November (2015), I started my application process and submitted my portfolio. But there was another round of auditions via video and essay submission and I was informed that I was accepted in January this year,” she said.

“I’ve been well-protected by [Mediacorp] for the past seven years, growing in a comfortable and secure environment… But when we grow too comfortable with the environment, there will be no improvement. Only when we are ‘uncomfortable’, will we keep pushing ourselves to achieve even more,” she added.

Not one to bother if her peers were to overtake her on the career ladder while she is away, she said: “I’m not afraid of people climbing up the ranks, if it happens it’s because of their hard work. My presence – or absence – shouldn’t affect their career growth.

“Everyone is different and unique in their own way – we can do different roles and we have different styles. I think I need to have confidence in myself to face this matter bravely too. I’m not too worried about (losing out). I’m sure Julie will be a different person when she’s back.”

She revealed to Toggle that her entrepreneur boyfriend is very supportive of her plan and that they had discussed it even before they became a couple.

As she knows Thai boxing, her mum is not worried about her being alone in New York where she will be “taking over a friend’s old place” at the Lower East Side, a 20-minute subway ride to the acting school, she said.

If you have been following Channel 8 drama series Peace & Prosperity, you will wonder what will happen to character Huang Zihong that she has been playing.

She only revealed this much: “The producers were all informed about my decision even before filming Peace & Prosperity and I will only be appearing in the first 100 episode. I’m very thankful to the producers for accommodating my school schedule.

“When I read the script for the 100th episode, I felt a tinge of sadness and can’t bear to say goodbye too.”


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