Super Junior, BoA, SNSD confirmed for SMTown concert in Singapore: It’s going to be an idol extravaganza when the SMTown clan descend upon The Float@Marina Bay to perform in a four-hour long concert on Nov 23, 2012. So far, these three acts have been confirmed, but we’re expecting more acts to be announced by concert organiser Running Into The Sun. Priority booking for Samsung phone users and OCBC cardmembers start is from Sept 29 to Oct 1, public sales start on Oct 2.

KPOPGAGA Preview Fan Meet with Kim So Jung: The singer, who was a finalist on Superstar K2 and recently released the single BLAP, will meet fans at this event organised by the Kpop portal. It will take place on Sept 22 at Cineleisure from 4 to 6pm. Log on to for more.


Psy finally has new dance moves: And the Psy train keeps on chugging, with appearances on Ryan Seacrest’s radio show (it’s a pretty hilarious read) and on Ellen DeGeneres where he taught Britney Spears the infamous dance, and earned compliments from Simon Cowell. It’s pretty surreal seeing two separate worlds — Kpop and American entertainment — cross. But we’re glad that Psy has debuted the new move to his upcoming single Champion. It’s definitely going to be harder than the horse riding dance.

Lee Joon’s mum gave him birth control when he entered college:
Either she’s a really cool mum or he’s a really horny guy. The humorous MBLAQ member revealed on Strong Heart that his mum gifted him with condoms and told him to “not do anything he couldn’t take responsibility for”. When pressed on whether he still had them, Lee Joon said they’re in his room. Yeah, right.

Leeteuk kisses Kang Sora…on the chin: In their last appearance on We Got Married, the “Dimple Couple” shared a tearful hug before Leeteuk asked for a kiss, and planted one on Sora. Except on closer inspection, he didn’t actually kiss her on the lips. Well, it was still a sweet moment.

Man candy of the week:
Here’s a topless Julien Kang helping Yoon Se Ah into the pool on We Got Married, U-KISS’ Kevin looking all sexy and broody in the teaser image for their seventh mini album Stop Girl, and G-Dragon holding a cat flanked by angry-looking male models . Also, the most adorable behind-the-scenes video of JYJ at the photoshoot for clothing brand Nii.

Julien Kang

Kevin from U-Kiss



Woman candy of the week: Shedding her sexy image for lingerie brand LeFee’s F/W 2012 range is G.Na who dons a sporty varsity jacket and denim cutoffs. Kim Tae Hee proves she’s still as beautiful in a Parisian setting for J Look magazine.


Kim Tae Hee

Aw moment of the week: Lee Byung Hun was proud to show off Lee Min Jung’s cooking skills in an interview with Entertainment Relay on Sept 8. He mentioned his girlfriend packed him a sandwich saying “she’s very good at cooking” and the staff were surprised to know who had packed it, presumably because it was so delicious.

Watch G-Dragon in music-man mode
: Ooh, he’s so sexy when he’s serious. YG will be releasing a new video each day of GD introducing tracks from his new mini album. Here’s the latest one where he talks about collaborating with Tablo and Dok2 on “Light It Up”, which already sounds pretty funky. And we can’t wait for his comeback stage on the Sept 16 edition of Inkigayo, which will feature Taeyang too.

Tajinyo members say sorry to Tablo: If you haven’t kept up with the Tablo/Stanford degree controversy over the years, catch up here. Basically, netizens were suspicious over the fact that Tablo could graduate with a bachelors and masters degree from Stanford in just three and a half years, and formed a group to persecute the rapper, ruining his life and career in the process. And no, they didn’t even believe him when he filmed a documentary going to Stanford and the police to get his documents verified.

Now, after a long court battle where they’re being sued for defamation, some of the members have finally admitted guilt saying “I made Tablo suffer mentally and materially” and “Because high school scholarships were everything to me, I felt a sense of inferiority compared to Tablo.” Let’s just hope everyone moves on from this matter soon.

Alumnus finds new director: Phew. After news broke last week that the director for T.O.P’s upcoming film had stalled due to the departure of its director, we were worried we wouldn’t get to see his handsome mug on screen. Now, the assistant director Park Hong Soo has stepped up and all’s good.

A new version of Troublemaker?: B2ST recently appeared on Gag Concert and Hyunseung was surprised by a new dance partner for his hit song Troublemaker. Watch the funny moment here.

Secret’s Poison, FT Island’s I Wish, BtoB’s Wow, OrangeCaramel’s Lipstick and Baek Ah Yeon’s Sad Song: It’s a bumper crop of new music videos this week. The girls from Secret have been teasing us with ultra-sensual images and now we get to see them shake what their momma gave them as hot outlaws.


Taking the bright, colourful and cute route as ping pong girls is After School sub unit Orange Caramel with Lipstick

BtoB is definitely having a busy year, releasing their second mini-album Press Play and music video for title track Wow which sounds like a throwback to the boyband era of our teens. 

And off their newest full-length album Five Treasure Box, FT Island gives us an upbeat track “I Wish” and Hongki wearing an outfit only he can pull off — printed silky-looking pants, a black tee and a spiked headband.

Then, there’s Baek Ah Yeon, whose Sad Song has topped music charts in Korea. The 19 year-old, who reached the top three on Kpop Star, has undergone an idol makeover and shows off a beautiful, emotional side in the ballad.