Lee Hyun Woo fan meet


Stealing the show from Sulli and Minho in To The Beautiful You was Lee Hyun Woo who plays an outgoing soccer player dealing with his sudden crush on a “boy”. The actor is coming to Singapore to meet fans on Oct 15 at 6.30pm and you can find out how to win passes here.

NU’EST showcase


The rookie group who brought you “Action” and “Face” will be delighting fans in Singapore on Oct 26, 3pm at St James Powerhouse. Tickets are priced from $58 to $78 (the $200 and $500 tickets are sold out. Yeah, we know.) from http://www.unielement.com/. Log on to http://www.facebook.com/kpopgaga for more info.

BIGBANG came and went
VIPS, did you go nuts like we did at BIGBANG’s two-day concert last week? Relive the experience with the herworldplus.com team’s review and writeup of the press conference. And you might have noticed Seungri filming from the stage with his Samsung Galaxy 3 on the second day. Check out the footage below. It’s pretty surreal seeing how they view us audience members. Also, here’s a bonus: Taeyang and GD frolicking in the pool at Grand Copthorne hotel.


Man candy of the week


B2ST’s Doojoon and 4Minute Hyuna look like a sexy couple just lounging around on an expensive-looking leather sofa in this behind-the-scenes shot for shoe brand Shoemarker. And Siwon manages to be hot even as a flower shop owner in this ad for skincare brand Mamonde, which also features SNSD’s Yuri.

Block B will be back
After the whole fiasco over their flippant attitude in a Thai interview, we were worried we’d never hear from Block B again, especially because we only just discovered leader Zico’s rapping skills. But it’s been announced they’ll be releasing their first full-length album on Oct 17, while Zico has been letting fans hear snippets from his upcoming mixtape Zico on the Block 1.5

Woman candy of the week
BoA proves she looks good with any image, even as a dark, Tim Burton-esque muse in W Magazine. Model Kang Ye Bin shows how to do the Halloween version (i.e. skimpy) of a vampire costume for Maxim Korea.



SS501 getting back together?
Park Jung Min didn’t rule out the possibility when asked about a SS501 reunion after his concert in Japan, stating the group hasn’t broken up but since Kim Kyujong is in the army and the other members are in “different situations” (probably referring to the different agencies each belongs to), he “can’t say anything for sure”. Here’s hoping they pull a Shinhwa and do manage a comeback soon. It’d be cool to see them together again.

Aw moment of the week


Taeyang with G-Dragon’s new dog Jolie, as tweeted by GD himself. We don’t know which is cuter — the GDYB bromance, the puppy or Taeyang hugging the puppy. Glad we don’t have to choose.

2PM not so beastly after all?
Watch the members scream their heads off (and Chansung curse) as they navigate the haunted house in this ad for theme park Everland Well, you can’t blame them, those things are pretty scary.

XID’s Every Night, Miryo’s Dirty, dance practice videos from TVXQ and SPICA, B2ST’s Midnight 
EXID’s new digital single Every Night is slow-burning, surprisingly sensual departure from the usual synth pop dance fluff (although the part where the women spit out water in slow motion in the MV is really unneeded). And although there aren’t many new releases because of the recent Chuseok holiday (a harvest festival) in Korea, we still get dance practice videos from SPICA for I’ll Be There, TVXQ for Catch Me, TEEN TOP and 100% for a trot medley, and the rock version of Dirty from BEG’s rapper Miryo.

Lastly, the boys from B2ST look mighty fine in the video for the Japanese version of Midnight, to be released on Oct 17.

CL vs. Dara
Glad to see CL getting some CF love in this Cass Light ad with Lee Dong Wook — we hope to see the fierce leader snag more endorsements. Of course, the face of 2NE1, Dara, is shining on her own in these Nikon photo movies where she gets proposals from a different type of guy in each one.

(Spoiler alert)Yoo Seung Woo and Jung Joon Young get eliminated on Superstar K4
If you’ve been following the series on cable, you’ll be shocked to know raspy-voiced ulzzang Jung Joon Young, who performed with the equally hot Roy Kim, and G-Dragon look-a-like and musical talent Yoo Seung Woo, have been eliminated. However, the show concluded with a cliffhanger “Everything will be revealed next week”, meaning there might be hope for our two favourites to be revived.

So Ji Sub wants a tall girlfriend


The 34 year-old actor and rapper said on Guerilla Date that his “ideal type is someone who understands [him] and is caring.” and hopes “she’s at least 168 cm tall and has long hair.” A little specific for sure, but there are plenty of women (both short and tall) who wouldn’t mind a chance with him.

Eunhyuk took the first step in friendship with BoA


The BoA-Eunhyuk shippers were in for a treat when she revealed how they became good friends. Though both were awkward with each other at first, Eunhyuk finally texted the “Only One” singer, “When are we going to talk comfortably?” after which they became close.

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