Think about it, we’re breathing the same air as them right now. They’re even exercising in one of our gyms. The group arrived in Singapore yesterday to prepare for their two-day concert on Sept 28 and 29. Fans couldn’t catch a glimpse of the members at the airport as they left through the VIP entrance but you can check out herworldplus’ Facebook page for updates and pictures from the press conference. And TOP has reaffirmed his dedication to do his best for the concert, despite his hand injury on the set of Alumnus. Here’s a cute photo tweeted by GD and Taeyang, where they’re waiting for TOP to get ready.

2NE1 to perform in Singapore on Dec 1
Kpop fans have it good here — BIGBANG’s labelmates will be holding their first full-length concert in Singapore on Dec 1. Ticketing and venue details have yet to be announced.

SKARF fansign in Oct
Show some love to the Singaporean-Korean quartet when they put on a fan meeting on Oct 2, 6.30pm at Bugis+. Before that, check out the girls in the practise video for their upcoming song “My Love”.

TVXQ’s Catch Me
The gods of Kpop are back after almost two years with their highly anticipated sixth album, Catch Me. Its title track is a “catchy” electro-pop dance song, with the boys teasing fans to capture them. TVXQ are also embarking on their first-ever world tour, starting Nov 17. Here’s hoping they include Singapore as a stop.

Psy is a fashionista
No matter how much you dislike Oppa Gangnam Style, you gotta admit Psy is a sharp dresser with his retro suits and wingtips. Dress classy, dance cheesy, remember? So we’re not surprised that he’s teaming up with Jill Stuart on a details-unknown project which will only be available in Asia. Oh, by the way, did you know Psy is now a Guinness Book of World Records holder for the most-liked video on Youtube? And if you are a fan of his viral hit, then be happy to know he’s targeting a November 2012 release for his new American album, and he’s staying true to his roots — he plans to sing in both Korean and English. Lastly, he’s had many interviews so far but this one , with former 1TYM member Danny, is hilarious, and our favourite so far.

 G-Dragon on Infinity Challenge, performs with Sungha Jung:
From the preview we saw (the video has been taken down), the episode’s gonna be hilarious with GD dressed as an office recruit, and strutting down a runway in boxers. He also recently teamed up with guitar prodigy Sungha Jung for a rendition of That XX on Inkigayo , and songwriter/dancer/singer Lydia Paek for Missing You on GD Friends Live Worldwide.

The special  hasn’t been subbed, but we’ve gathered that Taeyang and Daesung have moved in together with Seungri “to guide [him] to walk in the right path”, while they and GD have scolded the recently scandal-ridden maknae. When asked by GD to send a nice message to Seungri, Taeyang replied ““I can’t actually say that I love him right at this moment. I think he needs more time to reflect.” Harsh.

Man candy of the week
Erm, just how handsome can Jaejoong get? Here he is posing with the mascot of Gag Concert, Brownie.

And it’s a GD-filled week (not that we’re complaining) as some shots from his photospread with Japanese magazine Common Sense Man were posted. There’s more here.

Pictures of a topless Siwon are welcome anytime, and here he is on the set of King of Dramas. We know he’s probably wearing boxers under that towel, but dayum.

Woman candy of the week

SNSD’s Jessica also looks pretty in this ad for makeup brand banila co while Miss A’s Suzy manages to make cameras look wholesome as the new model for Canon.

Davichi’s Kang Min Kyung, on the other hand, looks smokin’ hot wearing a turtleneck and little else for Arena Homme.

Running Man’s Song Ji Hyo is known for her fuss-free bare face on the show, but she shows she can glam it up as well in this video for Bobbi Brown’s Creamy Metallic Lipstick.

Lee Hyori is just like you
Even the Queen has to face nosey relatives at holiday gatherings. In the opening for You and I, she and co-host Jung Jae Hyung commiserated on the fact that family members always ask them when they’re going to get married (not to each other, of course). She also shared that they ask why she doesn’t appear as often on TV anymore, and worry if it’s because her popularity is dropping.

Leeteuk to enlist on Oct 30th
It’s going to be an emotional day, to say the least, for Elfs as the Super Junior leader is slated to start his military service on Oct 30th. Bye Leeteuk, we’ll  definitely miss your dimples and abs.

LeeSsang to leave variety shows
Gary and Gil have both announced they will be taking a hiatus from appearing on Running Man and Infinity Challenge respectively. It seems the two have taken the controversy over the cancellation of the Super 7 concert, which would have featured the Infinity Challenge members, especially hard and plan to concentrate on the LeeSsang company (which was responsible for the show) and music shows in the meantime.

Park Jimin to debut as part of a duo, Lee Ha Yi and Epik High collaborate
We didn’t see it coming, to be honest. Instead of debuting as a solo act like fellow KPOP Star alumnus Baek Ah Yeon who’s with JYPE too, Park Jimin, who was crowned winner of the talent show, will be part of a duo called 15& with a mysterious female JYPE trainee.
Lee Ha Yi, who signed with YG and is now named Lee Hi, is featured on a track with Epik High called “It’s Cold”. The single will be released on Oct 9, while Epik High’s album will drop on Oct 19th. We can’t wait.

Onew wouldn’t mind if you cheated on him
Not that any girl would be mean enough to do that, but the SHINee leader said on Radio Star that he “could tolerate anything if [his] girlfriend had aegyo”, aegyo being somewhat equivalent to “acting cute” in our Singaporean dictionaries and that he can accept cheating up to three times. He doesn’t mind a girl who smokes either, just not one who cusses. So aspiring wives of Onew, now you know.

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