Tim Hwang in Singapore: The Philadelphia-born singer with the touching voice debuted in 2003, has released five albums and been featured on the soundtrack for Secret Garden, amongst other shows. He will be in Singapore on November 29 and 30 as part of a fan meeting tour. The venue and ticket prices are yet to be confirmed. Stay tuned to www.facebook.com/pages/LEAP-IMS for updates on the event.

SKARF makes music show debut: The Singaporean-Korean quartet had their first live performance of OH! Dance on KBS’s Music Bank and did a pretty good job.



G-Dragon muscled up & with blonde cornrows; his new MV drops August 25: Finally, a teaser for BIGBANG’s GD’s new music video has been unveiled. Called “One Of A Kind”, the song is definitely a return to the hip-hop sound which he’d promised for this project. But what has got people a little divided is his new image ‒ we like the muscles and even the tanned skin, but the long yellow braids are going to take some time to get used to. But hey, this is GD and he rocks any haircut, right?

whats hot in k-pop august 24 g-dragon-one-of-a-kind

Anyway, we know what we’ll be doing on August 25, 12am KST (11pm Singapore time), and that’s catching the full MV when it premieres. For now, enjoy the teaser and this picture from the YG Life blog which shows GD’s arms in their full glory and a customised Chrome Hearts (one of Bigbang’s favourite brands) skateboard.



Seungri, BAP, Nelly Furtado dance to Gangnam Style: Yup, even Nelly Furtado’s getting in on the act as she performed Psy’s Gangnam Style song at her Manila concert, while BIGBANG’S Seungri uploaded a video of himself doing the famous “horse riding dance”. Rookie group BAP also attempted the moves while guesting on a radio show. Korean rapper Psy has been making waves in America, appearing at a baseball game and on TV shows. The music video hit the top of the music videos chart on iTunes on August 21, and been the subject of a hilarious reaction video.



KARA’s Pandora, Junsu’s Uncommitted, 2AM’s For You: The KARA girls are back with a sexier, mature look in Pandora, the title track off their fifth mini album while JYJ’s Junsu has released an English single “Uncommitted”, about a player-made-good who can’t convince his woman he can well, stay committed. The producer of the song, Bruce “Automatic” Vanderveer has lavished praises on Junsu, personally commenting on the YouTube video (“We had a blast in the studio, one of the most fun sessions I’ve ever had! He’s the real deal, a real star! I am honored to have worked with him and Cjes!”) and even compared him to Michael Jackson.

whats hot in k-pop august 24 kara-pandora

Meanwhile, ballad group 2AM has released their Japanese single For You and will be promoting it this September.

whats hot in k-pop august 24 2am-for-you




Leeteuk and Junho’s abs, C.A.P’s er, pelvic bone: What’s a week in K-Pop news without some skin? Proving his body is just as hot as his group mate’s Siwon (remember that Karl Lagerfeld spread from last week?), Super Junior’s leader Leeteuk bared his upper body for September’s Harper’s Bazaar and at an SMTown concert in Seoul. Junho of 2PM also shows off his abs for the September issue of W Magazine while Teen Top’s C.A.P and B1A4’s Gongchan strike manly poses for L’Officiel Hommes.

whats hot in k-pop august 24 leeteuk-harperswhats hot in k-pop august 24 leeteuk-sm-concert
whats hot in k-pop august 24 junho-wwhats hot in k-pop august 24 cap-lofficiel
K-Pop bodies beautiful: Super Junior’s leader Leeteuk (above top), Junho of 2PM (above left) and Teen Top’s C.A.P (above right).


Lee Byung Hun and Lee Min Jung dating: The good-looking pair have confirmed they’re dating after denying rumours at the start of their relationship this year. The 42-year-old actor, who’s not new to dating beautiful women (his former paramour is Song Hye Kyo), said about his 30-year-old girlfriend: “Having known her for a long while now, I came to think she has the ability to brighten the people around her with her heart. However, it was inevitable that the two of us were taken aback when rumors started spreading just as we were beginning our relationship.”


Yoo Ah In has a girlfriend?: The Fashion King and Sungkyunhwan Scandal actor revealed in a magazine interview that he’s in a “very stable relationship” which you think would be enough proof that he has a girlfriend. But his agency has come out to say he was not referring to one person but “the people around him that he loves and cares about.” Hmm, confusing much?


Jay Park holds encore concert in Seoul: Singer Jay Park has come a long way from his 2PM days, as he wrapped up his solo New Breed tour with an encore concert on August 18 at Seoul’s Olympic Stadium Hall. The set included songs off his New Breed album of course, a tribute to Michael Jackson, the covers he did on the show “Immortal Song” (which you should check out, by the way, starting with this one) and him ripping his shirt off in the middle of a song. And that’s why you have this magnificent picture …

whats hot in k-pop august 24 jay-park-seoul-concert


New couple on “We Got Married”: The show which lets idols and actors live out their married life fantasies has added actress Yoon Se Ah and Korean-French actor Julien Kang. Their first meeting at a boxing gym turned out unintentionally funny as he commented that he “found her big laugh and short height cute” while she called him a “giant-like person”.

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