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Image: Inti St Clair/Blend Images/Corbis

#1 “Being stereotyped as a grunting, gym-obsessed musclehead just because I work out very often.” – Shaih Mahmood Abu Bakar, 29, clinical nurse

#2 “Being the shortest guy in the pack although I’m 1.75m tall. In a group, I tend to walk faster so that I’m ahead of everyone else, or I’ll look for something to step onto if we’re just standing around.” – Shah Jahan, 26, communications manager

#3 “My wife looking at my Whatsapp messages. It’s not that I’m being unfaithful, but some of the group chats with my guy friends can get pretty inappropriate.” – Leon Lim, 32, senior video editor

#4 “Losing hair. I don’t know if the bald look will suit me.” – Rasheed Abu Bakar, 32, public relations professional

#5 “Taking off my shoes when entering someone’s house – what if my feet smell?” – Dexter Kang, 36, property investment consultant

#6 “The sound of my voice. Do I sound wimpy? Do I sound like an idiot?” – Marcus Arriola, 25, marketing executive

#7 “Not spending enough in a social setting. I worry that people will think I’m broke or that I’m cheap.” – Sivaraj Pragasm, 30, filmmaker

This story was first published in Her World Magazine April 2015.

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