What Michelle Reis’ billionaire husband gave her for her 45th birthday B.pngImage: Asiaone

What could you possibly give a 45-year-old multi-hyphenate mother-model-actress and living legend of the Hong Kong silver screen?

Why, if you’re anything like Michelle Reis’ plush partner Julian Hui, you’ll get her a pretty pink smartphone, that’s what. Wait, hold up: A puny ol’ phone for her birthday? (And this coming from a shipping scion who, just so you know, is worth more than a few billions.)

This relatively restrained birthday gift is entirely in keeping with the tycoon’s thrifty and appealingly accommodating ways; Julian has also, for instance, traded in his posh Porsche for a more eco-friendly BMW i3 electric ride on account of Michelle’s “green” leanings.             

The swoon-inducing sweetness doesn’t stop there. Various Hong Kong entertainment portals report that Julian took time off this week to serve as his cherished spouse’s chauffeur by escorting Michelle to her former secondary school for filming – and all because that region had just been issued a typhoon warning and he was loathe to see her travel alone.

Julian’s reward for his toil and trouble? A passionate (and priceless) peck on the cheek, captured for posterity by the paparazzi. All together now: Aww.

And while we’re on the topic of Michelle’s birthday, here’s a quick aside on the former Miss Hong Kong champ’s seemingly ageless countenance. The flawless face of Shiseido’s top-of-the-line Revital range tells us that the trick is to single out healthy items that you actually enjoy – that way, adhering to a beautifying diet becomes fun: “Salmon takes care of my Omega 3 quota for the day! I also make an effort to brew herbal soups with ginseng, cordyceps and collagen.”

In any case, happy 45th birthday, Michelle Reis. Here’s to 45 more!   

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