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Model Hannah Quinlivan is ready to have two more children because her husband Jay Chou said something sweet to reassure her after their daughter Hathaway’s birth.

At the taping of the talk show SS Swallow Night on Tuesday (May 24), she said she never had to worry about sharing her husband’s love with her child, reported Taiwanese newspapers.

He set her mind at ease when he said: “I will love you first and our daughter second,” she revealed. So it will be “great” to have one to two more children, she said.

Quinlivan, 22, and Chou, 37, married in July 2014, before holding their wedding in January 2015. Hathaway was born in July 2015.

Quinlivan was on the show with her dog, a Pomeranian named Machi. Chou gave it to her during their courtship and she wrote a book about it titled My Dear Machi, Let Me Protect You! recently. (Machi means “best friend”. It is a Taiwanese corruption of the English word “match”.)

When host Chang Hsiao-yen asked whether she ever worried about Chou being a playboy, Quinlivan answered: “I bear the responsibility for the choice I made.”

And she said her choice proved to be right. Husband and wife almost never quarrel, and he was loving during her pregnancy, never missing a single prenatal check-up.

For her confinement, she asked: “Are you ready to be a male nurse again?” and he did not hesitate to shoulder the burden.

She hopes to be financially independent and he respects her wishes, she said. Even when both have to work overseas, they are never apart for more than five days. When she is at work or a taping, he is at home taking care of their daughter, which he was doing on Tuesday, she said.

At that, Chang thanked Chou for working hard.


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