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HE LIKES: Carrie Mathison from Homeland
HER PROFILE: This gal may have great intentions, but she’s more than just a little unstable. She’s also prone to flirting with danger – she likes to pop a cocktail of pills and wash them down with alcohol.
WHAT THIS MEANS: He’s probably a super-nice guy, says dating coach Dr David Tian. “He stares at the computer eight hours a day, so he gravitates towards the sexy club girl who gets drunk, calls him and throws a fit,” he adds. No need to worry, ladies. If you can’t beat the crazy, embrace it.

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HE LIKES: Penny from The Big Bang Theory
HER PROFILE: She’s not quite the dumb blonde, but she’s certainly not as smart as her physicist neighbours. And, much to the annoyance of her rational neighbours, she believes in horoscopes and psychics. Her plus points? She’s quirky and extremely likeable.
WHAT THIS MEANS: He’s outgoing and unconventional, like this chick, but is probably not the smartest dude around. So use that to your advantage and make use of him (sometimes)!

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HE LIKES: Olivia Pope from Scandal
HER PROFILE: She’s a great lady to have a crush on, someone who doesn’t take nonsense from anyone. But she has struggled through a lot of hardship and bad relationships.
WHAT THIS MEANS: He’s been through a lot and has had his fair share of less emotionally stable women. “He knows who he is and doesn’t take hardships lying down,” says Dr Tian. Ladies, hold on tight to this one. He knows how to take action to accomplish anything.

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HE LIKES: Jenny Griffith from Suits
HER PROFILE: The (seemingly) classic girl next door. Sounds like a safe bet for your man to crush on? Wrong. Wait till you get a load of the litany of bad boys she’s dated – including a drug dealer and a fake lawyer.
WHAT THIS MEANS: He’s likely to be just like her exes – a bad boy. Warning bells should start ringing in your ear right about now. What should you do? Ditch him. Fast.

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HE LIKES: Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones
HER PROFILE: She’s so savage – she walks through fire, eats the raw heart of a stallion and murders many without blinking an eye – she’s almost animal-like.
WHAT THIS MEANS: “He’s probably power hungry and gets off on dominating people,” says Dr Tian. And, perhaps, he wants a woman who likes to dominate him – in the bedroom and outside of it. So take the hint – get on top and have some fun with him. We’ll let you decide what “fun” means.

Expert source: Dr David Tian, dating coach at and president of Aura Dating Academy (

Main image: Corbis, TV crush images: TPG Images

This story was first published in Her World Magazine March 2015.

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