What does good sex feel like DECOR

“Great sex is giving every part of myself to my man and showing what I feel for him in my own unique way. Also, to have him do the same with me.”
– Estrella Wong, 40, stay-at-home mum, married for five years

“Good sex, to me, is what happens right after my husband and I make love. We cuddle and listen to each other’s heartbeats in the silence of the night.”
– Tanya*, 30, retail manager, married for six years

“Sex is best when my hubby and I tune out the rest of the world. We focus on each other, and open ourselves up to each other. Knowing that the man I love accepts me completely is such an intimate experience.”
– Marie-Ann Chee, 38, private tutor, married for four years

“An amazing sex session is one in which my husband and I communicate our love for each other simply by looking into each other’s eyes. Even if the sex is rough or fast, when we’re looking at each other with intensity, it feels so soft, romantic and tender.”
– Carmen Tang, 37, corporate events manager, married for three years

“What makes sex ultra-special for me is when my husband gives himself to me with complete abandon. It’s like he’s saying, ‘Here is all of me, the real me, and I trust you with all my heart’. ”
– San Lee, 34, HR executive, married for six years

“Good sex is like an intimate conversation between our bodies.”
– Angie*, 34, freelance writer, married for one year

“The best sex I’ve ever had with my husband was when we went at it all night. Our goal was not to have one orgasm after another. Instead, we wanted to fully experience each other and let our feelings of love guide us. We could hardly speak because we were so out of breath, and our bodies were so in sync. That physical closeness was indescribable, but the emotional connection was even more amazing. I felt so safe, I didn’t want it to end.”
– Serafina Ng, 37, office manager, married for five years

“It’s the coming together of our hearts, minds and bodies, and it’s especially wonderful when we surrender ourselves wholly to each other. It feels so good to be in that position of vulnerability and trust.”
– Calista*, 29, lab technician, married for one year

“I love it when he tells me how much he loves me – before, during and after we have sex. It brings out his honesty and the purity of our feelings.”
– Jennie*, 29, corporate communications executive, married for one year

“Good sex is like an emotional balm. It’s an opportunity for my husband and me to forgive and forget the little hurts we’ve caused each other that day or week. And a way for us to renew our love, and let each other know that everything is going to be okay between us.”
– Bianca*, 30, early childhood educator, married for three years

“Being overwhelmed by love is the hallmark of good, satisfying sex. Sometimes, I am so overcome by my feelings for my husband that I want to cry after we make love because I know our love is such a solid and beautiful gift.”
– Sharon*, 40, self-employed, married for 10 years

“Good sex is basking in my husband’s attention, and relishing the love he shows me through his beautiful kisses, soft caresses and tender stares.”
– Kiren Kaur, 28, post-graduate student, married for three years


Alec Baldwin: “Sex is like a Chinese dinner. It ain’t over ’til you both get your cookie.”

Jada Pinkett-Smith (on husband Will Smith): “He makes love like a woman. He loves to touch, massage and feel. He makes love like he’s in touch with himself and who he is. And he’s a very sensual, incredible love maker.”

Jessica Simpson: “I don’t think that you should always give in when your man wants sex because it’s better when he wants you more the next night.”

* Names have been changed for privacy

This story was first published in Simply Her magazine March 2013 issue.