Image: The New Paper

For celebrity couple Shane Pow and Kimberly Wang, onions can sometimes get in the way of romance.

Over lunch at Rakuichi Japanese Restaurant in Oasia Hotel, the 26-year-old actor cheekily teased the 25-year-old DJ and actress-host about her hatred of onions.

“I’ll eat some and then kiss you,” Pow joked.

“You wish,” Wang retorted, singing All You Have To Do Is Dream by The Everly Brothers.

The couple like Rakuichi for its fresh sushi, value-for-money set meals and central location. For lunch, the couple split the nigiri soba set, which comes with nigiri sushi, cold soba and tempura dishes. They also ordered chawanmushi egg custard and a spicy tuna avocado roll.

Wang said: “The tempura is crunchy… And I like that the sushi has the perfect rice-to-fish ratio.”

Pow agreed, adding: “Some places put too much rice in their sushi, but very little fish, and you can hardly taste it. And I like the firm texture of the soba here, because I cannot take it when the noodles are too soft.” 

Pow stars in Crescendo The Musical, which opens on Dec 16 at Kallang Theatre, while Wang hosts radio show The Happy Ending With Kimberly Wang on 98.7FM on weeknights from 8pm to midnight.

What are your top food haunts?

Wang: My recent favourite is A Poke Theory in Telok Ayer. Their poke (fish salad) bowls are very satisfying, filling and healthy. I also go to 85 Fengshan Centre in Bedok for the bak chor mee, sambal stingray and oyster omelette.

Pow: We love the dimsum at East Ocean Teochew Restaurant, which has really good mini crispy egg tarts. And I also like the claypot rice and Hokkien mee at ABC Brickworks Market & Food Centre.

What is your idea of comfort food?

Pow: I sometimes have cravings for bak chor mee, vegetarian beehoon or prata. For lunch and dinner, I tend to choose healthier options, but for breakfast, I feel like I can afford to indulge a little.

Wang: I have a random craving now for crepes with jam and whipped cream.

Do you ever cook together?

Pow: Yes, sometimes. I think it’s fun… and it’s also healthier than eating out. Right now, I’m learning to cook from Kimberly’s mum, as she’s a very good cook and makes these really yummy fishballs.

Wang: I can be quite critical of food, but my mum’s fishballs are the best ones I’ve eaten in my life.

Pow: It’s really hard to be on a diet because Kimberly’s mum makes all this great food such as curry puffs, pork rendang and curry noodles.

Wang: Shane used to cook plain chicken breast which was not really tasty, but I’ve since taught him to make chicken with my own special sauce, so it’s more enjoyable.

Is there anything you don’t eat?

Wang: Onions.

Pow: Durian.

Wang: He hates durian, which is funny because I love durians. They are the best! (To Pow) You ang moh ah?

Pow: Durian is easy to avoid, but onions are in so many dishes.

Wang: I just don’t like the smell, but I’ll just take them out if I have to.

This article was originally published in The New Paper.