Singapore’s very own “Ah Jie”, Zoe Tay, graced the April 2015 cover of Her World magazine and sat down to chat with Aretha Loh about why she only just joined Instagram (in December 2015), who she thinks the next “Ah Jie” might be and lots more … During all that chatting she also asked a few questions of her own; specifically about how she, too, can become an Insta-star and a “social media influencer”.

Zoe Tay gets 5 tips on how to become a social media influencer on Instagram DECOR 1See more amazing photos of Zoe and read all about what she’s up to in the April issue of Her World magazine. Image credits: Photography: Wee Khim / Styling: Johnny Khoo / Hair: David Gan (Passion Hair Salon) / Makeup: Cindy Goh / Outfit: Dress Bottega Veneta; jacket Issey Miyake

So, here I answer her 5 burning questions … Hopefully the answers will not only help Zoe, but you as well!

How to combine pictures & videos in a post?
It really depends on what platform you’re using … If it is Facebook or Twitter you can only have either pictures (a photo album in Facebook allows for lots of images) or a video – you can’t have both. There is a new Instagram app called Vidstitch that will help you to combine both pics and videos. Other than that, the only place you can both is on a blog platform like WordPress or Blogspot … Like having your own website.

When is a good time to post?
It depends on when you have the most people visiting your pages … On Facebook you can go to the Insights tab, then the Posts tab which will show you when people came to visit your page. Time your posts for the peak visiting times. This same time usually translates for your Twitter account. On Instagram the three peak times are generally in the morning (around 8:30-9am) just before lunch (11:30-1pm) and evening when people are travelling home from work (5:30-7pm).

How do I know if my followers are robots?
Hmmm … The most obvious way is to ask them questions / offer promotions etc to get them to interact. You can also tell they’re robots if their account have no posts of their own, or lots of the same image posted repeatedly. You can employ a social media marketing company to manage this for you too.

Can you recommend some cool apps to enhance my pictures?
The most popular app for fixing your photos is VSCOCAM which is popular for its editing tools and great filters. It’s also got it’s own community but you can share your edited images on Instagram, Twitter etc. If you want to make yourself look like you’re wearing full makeup (But you’re Zoe Tay! You don’t need makeup righ?) … then try the Selfie Photo Editor app; it’s a “Cosmetic Beauty Camera and Facetune Makeover for Instagram” which will do everything from add makeup to your face, to slimming down your body.

How can I attract more followers?
The easiest way to attract more followers on social media is to post great pics often … the more personal the images the better. For example, behind-the-scenes at photo-shoots, what you’re eating (Singapore LOVES pics of food), or your latest workout (#fitspo) cute kids and pets, and inspirational posts. You can also pay for “content ads” ie. boosted posts on Facebook that will help drive people to your page. Plus … Giveaways! Singaporean’s love a deal 🙂 … If you have anything to give-away ‒ then run some sort of competition on your Facebook page or Instagram account. Also … Don’t forget to add hashtags to ALL your posts on all social media platforms … you can find out what’s trending most easily on Twitter.

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