Photo: The Legend of the Blue Sea / Twitter

If you haven’t started watching Korean drama The Legend of the Blue Sea, fret not; we’ll not reveal any major spoilers here. But what we will tell you is this — besides swooning over the attractive actor Lee Min-ho, you’ll most likely wish that you can transform yourself into a beautiful mermaid after watching leading actress Jun Ji-hyun’s mesmerising swimming scenes.

Alas, we humans don’t have a magical wand to wave around and turn ourselves into whoever we want to be. But for fans of Jun who die-die must try her mermaid look, there’s a simple way. Mermaid blankets.

Photo: Dorothy Perkins

Shaped like a fish tail, these ultra comfortable blankets are a great choice for you to get cozy with when you’re having a Friday night-in. Oh, and while you’re wearing it, why not snap an Instagram story to show it off to your friends.

Photo: Lazada

We know it may be a little hard to find them in stores so we scoured the internet and found some sites (Dorothy Perkins, Lazada and Qoo10) that stock some of these comfy knitted goodies. You’re welcome.

Lee Min Ho is aching for a massage. Would you be so kind to volunteer? If you’re obsessed with Jun Ji-hyun’s make-up in The Legend of the Blue Sea, click here to find out where to get the lipsticks that she wore in the drama.