Top photographer unsure of Nicola FormichettiNicola Formichetti had to have an interview before a top photographer would work with him.

The creative director of Thierry Mugler is also well known for being Lady Gaga’s stylist. Although he has shot into the limelight over the last year, it seems not everyone is so familiar with him.

The Hilton Brothers photographer Christopher Makos has now worked with Nicola, but only did so after thoroughly vetting him.

“We spoke on the phone and I said to him, ‘Not to be snotty, but I would like to meet you before the shoot,” Christopher told WWD. “He had never really shot with an art photographer. We’ve been friends ever since. We did enough pictures for a book.”

The images will make up part of the exhibition entitled The Hilton Brothers: Tyrants + Lederhosen, which is being staged at Manhattan’s Christopher Henry Gallery later this month.

Many other images will be on display and it’s thought Nicola will be there to celebrate the opening night.

Christopher partners with Paul Solberg under The Hilton Brothers moniker.

The duo have a book coming out which is named the same as their upcoming display and details images taken as they have gone about their lives over the last eight years.