Top 5 sexiest stars at Singapore Grand Prix 2013 BIG BANG



Technically, this would be a Top 9 list if we were to treat each funky-haired member of this K-pop boyband as an individual unit – but we want to take them in, all at once!

With a name like BIGBANG, we could come up with any number of naughty entendres, but we’ll try our best to keep this PG. We wouldn’t want a “big bang” on the racing tracks, would we? Moving along…

Top 5 sexiest stars at Singapore Grand Prix 2013 John Martin

John Martin

This is for the lightstick-wielding club-hoppers. With his day-old scruff and floppy fringe, John Martin reminds us of – dare we say it – Spice Girls-era David Beckham.

Best known for his collab with Swedish House Mafia, John will be contributing to the thumping beats at pop-up club Amber Lounge – and while he doesn’t quite measure up to good old Golden Balls, we’ll take John under the sparkly lights of a disco ball, any time.

Top 5 sexiest stars at Singapore Grand Prix 2013 BIEBER

Justin Bieber

He’s not a boy, not yet a man – but more than enough for us. Truth be told, if we had our way (with him), we would fill this list with pictures of the Canadian crooner in various states of undress – not hard at all, given Justin’s propensity for showing off his taut abs and tattooed triceps on Instagram.

Join the hordes of pimply tween Beliebers for a glimpse of the man-boy at F1’s closing night – we’re betting you a fortune Justin will go shirtless at some point!


Top 5 sexiest stars at Singapore Grand Prix 2013 Tinie Tempah

Tinie Tempah 

A friend once hilariously mangled this British rapping phenom’s name by referring to him as “tiny temper” – but Tinie is big in our books. We dig his Pharrell 2.0 vibe and slouchy sense of style – Tinie is a fashion front row regular, and is often spotted out and about in threads by buddy Bailey of Burberry. 

Tinie will be performing at the Marina Barrage for 1 World Music Festival on Sept 21, so try sidling up to the British stud with your best Cara Delevingne impression!

 Top 5 sexiest stars at Singapore Grand Prix 2013 Giedo Van der Garde

Giedo Van der Garde

Here’s our token racer – but no Lewis Hamiltons or Jenson Buttons for us.

Say a hearty “hoe gaat het?” to Dutch dreamboat Giedo Van der Garde, who’s a Singapore Formula one virgin for the Caterham team – which means we’re practically obliged to give him a warm and sloppy Singapore welcome!

The ruddy 28-year-old says he’s “ready to take the step up to Formula One” – and happily, we’re more than ready to see him well, rise to the occasion…