Tom Ford is proud to be inspired by movies as they “have no boundaries”.

The designer famously directed and wrote the Oscar-nominated movie A Single Man in 2009. Although fashion is what he is best known for film has always been one of his loves and often inspires his collections.

Tom is proud that this aspect of his work often shines through.

“People tell me they buy my clothes because they make them look like stars,” he told the latest edition of UK InStyle magazine. “Film images are so powerful because they are created by our fantasies, which have no boundaries. Movies can make us want to do many things – fall in love or look more daring and dramatic.”

The 51-year-old designer thinks people could do worse than take tips from movie stars when it comes to looking their best.

Tom is a known fan of beauty products and prides himself on his appearance, meaning he is perfectly placed to give advice on how to dazzle during party season.

“Find your best angle – check out every photo of yourself and find your optimum side and angle. We all have one,” he explained, when asked how to behave like a film star.

“People assume if they’re happy, the camera will capture that emotion. It won’t. You have to act whatever you want to convey.”

Picking the right stance and styling clothes carefully is also important to Tom. He was advised to stand with one foot forward by Colin Firth as it looks more flattering and is also careful to button any jacket he wears so it doesn’t make him look chubby.

“Avoid neon light and also overhead light. Both cast harsh shadows. And if your hair is fine, they can make you appear as though you are losing it,” he added.

“Never break the pose. Ever. All those people who think they are cool for acting natural will look stupid in the final shot. You, my dear, will look great.” – COVER MEDIA