Possibly Blackpink’s youngest fan, three-year-old Lucy Lee’s video has gone viral for her dance moves to the K-pop girl group’s song Bombayah.

In an Instagram video posted on March 19, the little girl, who is the daughter of Hong Kong actor Sam Lee, is seen imitating the quartet’s high-energy movements – waving her hands in the air, flinging her head wildly and even writhing on the floor.

She also warbles along adorably to the 2016 hit, singing the lyrics “Bombayah” and “Blackpink in the area”.

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The video was subsequently reposted by Mr Choi Soon-ho, who works with Blackpink, as well as meme site 9gag’s official Instagram account, where it has garnered more than 1.6 million views and went viral last week.

The cute little girl with the bowl haircut currently has 236,000 followers on her account, which is run by her mother.

There are more than a thousand photos and videos of her daily life and it only follows two accounts – her father, who is known for appearing in director Fruit Chan’s films, and her mother’s fashion brand, I Like Sunday.

In a subsequent post, her mum wrote that many people have told her they have seen her daughter’s antics and added: “I really laughed so hard until I had back pain.”

This article was first published in The Straits Times.