Image: Vibes Communications 

Sometimes you don’t need to go over the top to make a sartorial statement, as Dee Hsu proves with her understated outfit when she made a special appearance as the ambassador for iROO at the brand’s new Raffles City store opening. 

The petite host looked all sorts of sexy in a sassy black jumpsuit. It sports a neckline that reveals just the right amount of decolletage, with a form-fitting bodice that effortlessly shows off her svelte body. 

After her meet and greet, I went backstage to chat with the hilarious Taiwanese host and discovered some really interesting morsels of information about her that you might not know! 

Getting up close and personal with the witty host
Image: herworldPLUS

#1 Her collarbones are the sexiest part of her body 
Most people may think that having a great bosom is the sexiest asset of a woman, but to her, collarbones are the most desirable body feature. She told us in all seriousness that whenever she gets a new T-shirt, she would always tear up the collar so that it reveals her collarbone. 

#2 Many celebrities are fashion disasters 
If you dress blandly or overtly trendy, then you are a fashion disaster in her eyes. When asked to give an example, she candidly told us that her husband, Taiwanese businessman Mike Hsu, does not have a “fashion-forward” face, so if he were to attempt to wear snapback and a pair of Jeremy Scott’s teddy bear sneakers, she will not hesitate to give him a “flying kick”. 

#3 Her husband is vainer than she is
Her husband doesn’t need her help with his wardrobe because he’s more obsessed with shopping and looking good than her. Dee Hsu says her hubby visits his tailor periodically to get custom-made suits, and can even tell a shawl lapel from a notch lapel apart at a glance. 

#4 Her daughters aren’t always her biggest fans
While her older daughters love to hog her shoe closet and badger her to gift her shoes to them, her youngest daughter recently compared her looks to someone else’s mother and made an upsetting comment: “One day, she suddenly told me that someone’s mother looks prettier than me even when she doesn’t use make-up.” She went on to complain to her husband and he stoically remarked that “kids don’t lie.” Burn! 

#5 She always thought that you need a peeler to peel tomato skin 
She got inspired to cook egg and tomato after trying a delicious version of it at her sister’s place. The lady who prepared the dish told her that the key to the dish is a skinless tomato, so when she realised that they didn’t have a peeler at home for tomatoes, she summoned her helper and questioned her why. She felt silly after her helper explained how it should be done and joked about how everyone kept her in the dark. Hilarious! 

#6 She was worried that her career would go downhill 
She revealed that initially she was worried that her career in the entertainment business would go downhill after her hit show Mr. Con and Ms. Csi ceased, but it seems that her career is only getting more exciting as a lot of producers have been trying to get her to host their variety shows. It is bittersweet to let go of the show, but she says she’s more than excited for the new jobs she has lined up for her. 

#7 Future plans for 2016 and beyond 
Right now, she’s preparing a new talk show which she hopes to front with “12 hot male celebrities” and has shortlisted Chinese actors Hu Ge and Huang Bo. She’s also going to star as the female lead (for the first time!) in Kevin Tsai’s movie that’s currently still shrouded in mystery. She only knows that her fake “nemesis” Lin Chiling is going to make a cameo appearance, so watch this space!