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1. Hong Kong-based actress Linda Chung, 31, is getting married on 27 February 2016 in Vancouver to her beau, who’s not in the entertainment industry. Linda Chung had married Chiropractor Jeremy last year.

2. Actresses Leanne Li, Grace Wong and Eliza Sam reportedly flew to the Canadian city to prepare for their role as Linda’s bridesmaids.

3. Linda Chung’s husband, Jeremy, earns HKD 6 million per year. Jeremy has a chiropractic clinic in Burnaby city in Vancouver. He is 12 years older than Linda. Linda dated Hong Kong actor and martial artist Philip Ng in 2008, but they split up early last year because he had no intention of tying the knot. According to sources, a heartbroken Linda then returned to Vancouver, where she met Jeremy through Eliza. He proposed after just a few months of dating, and she said yes.

4. Linda Chung is reportedly 5 months’ pregnant.

5. Linda Chung confirmed her marriage on Weibo.

In a Weibo post, the actress confirmed she was marrying Jeremy, who hails from Vancouver. She called him her Mr Right, and wrote, “Since we met I discovered we share the same values and beliefs.” She also praised Jeremy for being mature, loving, pious and thoughtful.

6. Linda Chung was wearing a wedding ring when performing in America.

7. Edwin Siu was surprised when Linda Chung suddenly announced her marriage.

8. Leanne Li and Wong Cho Lam gave their blessings to Linda Chung. Leanne Li immediately congratulated her on Weibo: “I give my blessings to you! Bai You Dao Lao, Yong Jie Tong Xin. Very happy for you and touched. Finally, you found your Mr Right. May God bless your marriage.” Wong Cho Lam also wrote on Weibo: “Finally, no need to keep this secret with my wife! I give my sincere blessings to you, my wife’s good sister! May the Lord bless you and Jeremy, Bai Tou Dao Lao!”

9. Natalie Tong has the same manager as Linda Chung and was shocked by the announcement.

10. Linda Chung left an extremely long message following her announcement: 

“Today, I announce I am married!

Thank you for the concern from the media but people who know me will understand I am a low-key person in handling my relationship matters. I hope to protect my family Thank you to God for allowing me to meet my husband Jeremy who comes from Vancouver. We have the same thinking styles, religion and hobbies. Our love earns the support of our families and they hope we will get married and have children soon. I hope to set up a simple and blissful family with Jeremy too.

Finally, Jeremy proposed to me last Autumn and I accepted it, as I am convinced he is my Mr Right. We had a simple and solemn wedding ceremony with witnesses from our families. We respect the elders’ wish by choosing an auspicious date to hold the wedding banquet on 27 February and we want to share the joy with some relatives and friends. I hope I will be a good wife and mother who takes care of my husband and family.

I have no reply to other rumours now and please give me some privacy. I will share the happy news with everybody at an appropriate time.

I would like to express my gratitude to my amazing sisters Leanne Li, Eliza Sam, Grace Wong and Christine Kuo for keeping my marriage a secret. Lastly, thank you to God for letting me know Jeremy and please give us your blessings to our marriage. Hope everyone will be safe and happy too!” 


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