Who knew that a pair of chubby legs could cause such furor. Even though I might be stoned for saying this, the reality is that not all babies were born equal.

For these babies and their over-enthusiastic parents, being born was a gift to our social media accounts. From chubby cheeks to learning new words, the milestones of Singapore’s “Famous Babies of Instagram” are being shared with the world ‒ and we can’t get enough of those fat folds!

FIGHTER TIAH [@fourfeetnine and @timothytiah]
A baby with his own blog, Fighter (real name Jude Tiah) is the child of proud parents Timothy Tiah, Co-founder of Nuffnang and ChurpChurp, and blogger Audrey Ooi. Before I share with you the cute baby pictures, a bit of background is in order (for you to understand why this baby is so famous!).

Audrey was diagnosed with preeclampsia, a life-threatening condition, when Fighter was 29 weeks. Due to Fighter’s young age, Audrey fought for her life to keep him from being born for as long as possible. However, the preeclampsia took its toll and she had to deliver him prematurely at 31 weeks (just over 7 months). This was followed by a stint in the neonatal intensive care unit, and a long series of tests and uncertainty.


Thankfully, Fighter made it through and is now a really cute baby with his own blog (with 15,000 followers, no less). I have been following Fighter’s story since before he was born, so I totally understand why everyone is so enamoured with this child.

ZED [@fannaiaiwong and @aiainbaby]

Although he’s less than a week old, celebrity bub Zed has garnered thousands of likes on his first ever snapshot. And we suspect that this isn’t going to change. Born to Singapore celebrity parents Fann Wong and Christopher Lee, Zed was the talk of town before he was born.


The tiny baby (still a bump in Fann’s evening gown) was the main highlight at the 2014 Star Awards, and his parents are have been gladly showcasing the many gifts that he has been blessed with ‒ read all about them here: 5 things that baby Zed already has that you don’t. Move over North West, Zed might just be getting more Fendi shoes than you!


DASH [@xiaxue]


This celebrity chubs has taken over Singapore blogger Xiaxue’s Instagram account. Even before he was born, Wendy and her American husband Mike, were already getting sponsorship deals for this little tot! From comic strips to videos of him blabbering, Dashiel Sayre ‒ or Dash for short ‒ shows you how he’s ruling Singapore’s Instagram feeds with his mian bao lian (bread-face).


TYLER [@tjinlee]

A slightly lesser known bub but one who is rising fast in the Singapore “Famous Babies of Instagram” rankings, Tyler is the child of Tjin Lee and John Lim. Tjin is the founder and managing director of Mercury Marketing & Communications, while John is an operations manager at a commodities firm. Tjin juggles many roles as a career woman ‒ managing eight different companies and staging the Singapore annual fashion week Audi Fashion Festival ‒ while also finding time to instagram photos of her son Tyler, who she affectionately calls Bubu. The round bub has cheeks that should get their own zip code, and with an über fashionable mum his outfits are awesome; he’s definitely a fashionista in the making.