Photo: Tabitha Nauser

Singapore singer-songwriter Tabitha Nauser who made her R&B-pop debut in 2017 with her single Bulletproof  that peaked at number one on Spotify’s SG Viral 50 chart has just dropped her newest three-track EP, Things I Should Have Said.

This introspective EP is a collection of the 27-year-old’s reflections of the year. It is deeply self-reflective with a pop sensibility, full of contemplative poetic musings about the former Singapore Idol contestant’s life experiences, thus far. The tracks touch on deteriorating relationships, repeated bad habits, and more. Yet beneath it all, the positive message of hope and eventual victory shines through.

Tabitha says of her new EP: “It just seemed like everything that could possibly make me feel bad, was happening all at once and I had to learn how to deal with it. But it was a great year for me to really look at what was happening in my life, and to finally make the decision to choose me first, above everything and everyone else.”

She adds: “With a new year just beyond the horizon, things are looking up for the multi-faceted artist. Tabitha concludes: “I am in such a better place now and I hope that anyone else that finds themselves in a similar position can get some sort of inspiration from this EP.”


Warning Sign

The track embodies Tabitha’s personal struggle with breaking old habits, especially those in the areas of love. This song displays the singer’s self-awareness as she releases her emotions in the most cathartic way possible. 

Aided by Filipino-Canadian recording artist August Rigo, American R&B singer Jessica Karpov and Australian record producer-songwriter Hook N Sling, who collectively have worked with the likes of international acts Chris Brown, Kehlani, Jojo, Kelly Clarkson, Sam Feldt and more, the song is an energetic dance track that celebrates a closing chapter in her life.



This acoustic guitar-driven piece is a soul searching track that touches on a raw and sensitive topic – should one continue to stay in a toxic relationship? What does one do when they are going through the motions of an empty relationship?

Assisted by Australian singer-songwriters Jai Waetford and Jessica Porfiri, this original track that is written by Tabitha is a powerful one.

It reveals searing emotions and an honest conversation the singer has with herself. This track is Tabitha’s favourite of the three because it’s “very open and honest”.



This is a collaboration between Tabitha and legendary Australian pop music duo, DNA. The track is a lyrical narration about the confusing emotions one faces after a breakup.

The message? There is always light and hope at the end of a dark tunnel.

Things I Should Have Said is now available on Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music and Amazon Music.