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The ever-present smile of Leeteuk, the leader of K-pop boy band Super Junior, has gone into hiding. The news of the death of his father and grandparents was reported on January 7, 2014.

Leeteuk, whose real name is Park Jungsu, is currently serving his military service and was granted emergency leave for the funerals. This triple tragedy is riddled with controversy. The news of their deaths was first reported as the result of a fatal car accident. But these reports proved to be false as they were found passed away at home.

There have been speculations that Park’s father killed his parents before committed suicide but Korean police are still investigating the cause of death.

The singer has previously mentioned on a TV programme of his less-than-happy childhood due to arguing parents and being scared of his father. Other sources said that the older Park suffered from depression while supporting his parents by himself after his divorce with his wife.

Our thoughts are with Leetuek during this tough period and we are sure Elfs (Super Junior fans) everywhere are standing behind the Suju leader.