If you haven’t been following one of the best legal dramas in recent years, it’s time to jump on board the Suits –wagon.

There’s a plethora of reasons on just why you should – intriguing plotlines, an amazing ensemble cast, smokin’ hot lawyers in the form of Gabriel Macht (who plays the very suave Harvey Specter) and Patrick J Adams (who plays young prodigy Mike Ross) and of course, beautiful, strong female characters of which Meghan Markle is one of.

Markle plays Rachel Zane, a smart yet impossibly sexy paralegal who has aspirations of being a lawyer and while she navigates to find her place in the legal circles, romantic entanglements with a certain Mike Ross ensues.

The stunning 31-year-old actress who was born to an African-American mother and a Dutch-Irish father was in Hong Kong recently and spoke to us about her love for food, dished on her co-stars and let us in on what it was like to work with Robert Pattinson.

Her World PLUS: What’s the best thing about playing Rachel Zane on Suits?
Meghan Markle:
Great question. I love everything about her character. I love how strong she is, I love how savvy she is, obviously how stylish she is too. And I love her ambition. But most of all, she has a softer side and a vulnerability to her.

HWP: There are a lot of strong powerful female characters on the show – Donna, Jessica and your character, Rachel. Who do you identify with the most?
I identify with Rachel the most. I love that all the female characters are written with such strength, but for me, it’s comparable with what I deal with as a woman around the same age, really striving for something, working hard to accomplish that dream. Of course, I relate to her on the level of being a woman, someone who has a crush on a guy, someone with a softer side, despite seemingly in control. I love that Rachel is a little bit out of control sometimes.
HWP: Would you say that at this point in your career, you are pretty much on par with where Rachel is, striving towards something bigger?
MM: It’s interesting. Had you ask me that before I booked Suits, I would say, yes. But for me, Rachel wanting to become a lawyer, is me wanting to have a show like Suits as an actor. While Rachel is still striving to get there, I feel like I have exactly what I always wanted.

HWP: Are you looking for a career in movies then?
Yeah totally. We film for almost eight months a year, so it’s a small window to find a project I’m really excited about. I love doing film and I have done a couple of comedies in the past, which was a lot of fun. The small screen is fun and I’m still grateful for it, but I would also love to make my mark on the big screen as well.

HWP: Your latest film was Remember Me with Robert Pattinson. What was like working with him?
Oh, he’s such a sweetheart. I filmed some scenes in New York with him for a small part. He’s a really lovely guy and a really great example to be able to watch someone who is young, who’s stardom has really taken over his live in such a huge way, and yet he’s still gracious, humble and cool. I think that is really endearing.

HWP: You mentioned your character being very stylish. How do stay in shape to fit in all those tight pencil skirts.
[Laughs] I am a big foodie as well, so I would say, part of life is balance – indulging in all the delicious things that you like to eat and still staying in shape. I’m a California girl, so I am always really active. I love hiking, running and I do quite a bit of yoga.

I’m able to treat myself to a glass of wine and a beautiful meal when I feel like having that. As long as you find the balance and know what works for you. Plus, I’m happy that I get to wear such beautiful clothes. The tailoring certainly helps with how it looks as well.

HWP: You’re a foodie both on and off the show, so where do you go for good food?
Wow. Great question. I have so many favourite restaurants and one of my absolute favourite meals I’ve had is at Babbo in the West Village in New York, where there is an incredible wild boar ragout. I’m currently in Hong Kong and being an adventurous eater, I’m so excited to try the local cuisine here and indulge in some good dim sum. Wherever the world brings me, I’m happy to try good food.

The funniest thing is that my favourite thing in the world to eat is French Fries. And you would think it would be more refined, but I gotta tell you, the best fries in the world can be found at Balthazhar in New York.

HWP: You’re pretty active on social media, and from the looks, you seem pretty close to your co-stars. Who are you closest to on set and why?
Oh gosh, initially, I was closest to Rick Hoffman, who plays Louis Litt. He’s like my big brother. We spend so much time together. I love him to death. He’s such a good guy.

And then as we started working more on the show, I find myself spending the most time with Rick and Sarah Rafferty, who’s like the best big sister I’ve ever had in my life. I’m so close to her and she’s endlessly funny, and I’m also really close to Patrick who plays Mike Ross. He’s just the greatest guy.

HWP: Let’s play a little word association game. Describe your co-stars with just one word.
Patrick Adams – sweetheart, Rick Hoffman – funny, Sarah Rafferty – awesome, Gina Torres – fabulous and Gabriel Macht – Vegan.

HWP: Harvey Specter is vegan?!
Well, it’s so funny because out of everyone, Gabriel is the most different from his character. He’s a vegan, he wears linen, he’s super chill so it’s especially funny, because people expect him to go out and have a steak, but he’s not, he goes out and gets a tofu.

HWP: If you could play anyone else on the show, who would it be and why? It could be a male character.
Oh, that’s interesting, no one has ever given me that option. I generally always say Donna, just because she’s just so wickedly funny. But if I could play anyone on the show, it wouldn’t be Mike Ross, because frankly I don’t want to have to remember that much. It would be Harvey. How cool is it to be this suave, debonair guy – that’s amazing. I don’t know if I could ever pull it off but that would be pretty cool. 

HWP: Tell us three reasons why we should be watching Suits?
It’s smart, slick and addictive. If you have to be addicted to something, it should be Suits.

Suits S2 premieres on January 7, Mondays at 8pm on DIVA Universal (StarHub TV Ch 512).