With a spunky blonde haircut, a colourful Celine outfit and a radiant smile, Mandopop queen Stefanie Sun was clearly happy to be back in Singapore.

As she put it at a press conference yesterday: “I get to go home after work.”

And her fans will get to give her a warm welcome when she holds her comeback Kepler concert at the new National Stadium on July 5. It is also the title of her latest album.

Stefanie Sun's happy to be home for Kepler concert

Homegrown singer Stefanie Sun at the Singapore press conference for her Kepler concert. Image: ST/ Desmond Foo

She had taken a break after marriage and giving birth on the heels of releasing her last album, It’s Time, in 2011.

Sun, 35, will be the first pop act to perform at the new stadium, beating Mandopop king Jay Chou to the honour. It was earlier announced that his Nov 8 gig would be the first music concert to be staged there.

Sun joked about stealing the thunder from him: “I’ll SMS him.”

The capacity for her gig is almost 20,000 and it will be her biggest concert here yet. The full set-up at her concerts held at Taipei Arena in February will be brought over.

Sun added: “Since it’s my home-ground, the pressure I feel will be greatest. I will also want to have something special in the programme but I will keep that secret for now.”

Tickets to the concert are priced from $98 to $208 and are available from www.sportshubtix.sg. There is American Express priority booking ’til the end of today (April 7, 2014). Public sales start from Tuesday, April 8.

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