Stefanie Sun on being a celeb mum and a Twitter queen

Stefanie Sun, the cover girl of Her World July 2015 – it’s our special 55th birthday edition!

1. How do you stay grounded in your chaotic life?
“Sometimes, I find chaos very comforting. Like, there is no need for perfection. That in itself is perfect for me. But yeah, it takes a lot of effort to stay sane in this business. My son keeps me sane, for sure, especially when I have to deal with a tantrum that erupts out of nowhere – oh and dealing with his bodily fluids too. I’m still not used to it!”

2. It’s been 15 years since you started out. Have things slowed down these days or is time still whizzing by?
“It’s been quite a journey! When I think about the past, I can’t believe it’s over! Time – it’s so stretchy and yet it’s all going by so fast. But that’s the beauty of it and I don’t wish for it to slow down.”

3. You’re very active on Weibo and Twitter (she has nearly 23 million fans on the former and more than 150,000 followers on the latter). We’re guessing you’re a fan of social media?
“What an amazing invention! The sheer number of people who can reach out to you and whom you can reach out to is just… mind-blowing. And no, I don’t find it impersonal at all. I mean, true, you don’t get to see each other in person on social media, but words are a very powerful tool – you can tell a lot about someone from the words they use. My fave form of social media is Twitter – that’s for my fans. Facebook is for my friends. And no, I’m not on Instagram (although I have loads of pictures). I don’t want to share everything. Some things I just want to keep to myself.”

Stefanie Sun on being a celeb mum and a Twitter queen

4. There are so many big celebrations this year – Singapore is celebrating 50 years of nation building. Her World turns 55. What do you want to celebrate?
“The fact that I’ve never really had a formula, that I’ve created my own path and most of all, that I still enjoy it. I’m always evolving – that’s my constant. So there’s always a fresh aspect to this job because everything changes – that’s the way the world works. But there’s always something to look forward to, and if you feel there isn’t, then it’s a bit sad. That’s not living, you know?”

5. Where do you see yourself at 55?
“Ha! I have two scenarios. In the first, I’m leading a very active life, being very involved with the people around me; in the second, I’m leading a very simple life and all my assets have been passed on. I haven’t decided which one I prefer – they’re both very appealing. But I’ll settle for either scenario because it’ll happen for a reason.”

Photography: Wee Khim, assisted by Terence Lee, Styling: Joshua Cheung, assisted by Amanda Seah & Marilyn Ang, Hair: Dexter Ng, using John Frieda, Makeup: Cindy Goh, using Laura Mercier, Cape & Dress: Valentino

Read our cover girl’s story in the July 2015 issue of Her World – it’s our special 55th birthday edition! The superstar reflects on 15 years in showbiz, even as she prepares for the Sing50 concert on August 7 at the National Stadium and the launch of a new album. The digital edition is now available via Magzter on Android and iOS

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