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The much-anticipated results for Star Awards 2024’s Top 10 Most Popular Artistes are finally here.

After a night of celebrating excellence in acting and production, the Star Awards 2024 reached its climax as the hosts unveiled which celebs were the ultimate fan favourites.

Who stole the hearts of viewers this year? Scroll on to find out.

1. Chantalle Ng

During her thank you speech, Chantalle confessed that she was “a kid who grew up watching TV everyday”.

2. Ya Hui

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This is Ya Hui’s eighth time winning the coveted award. “Huat ah!” she cheered. “Mum and dad, I’ve won. You guys can go and sleep now,” Ya Hui cheekily said in Teochew.

3. Carrie Wong

Continuing her reign, Carrie Wong has once again secured a spot in the Top 10 Most Popular Female Artistes. This marks her unbroken streak since her initial nomination in 2015.

4. He Ying Ying

Third time’s the charm for He Ying Ying. After three years of nominations in this category, she finally clinched a win.

“Who would’ve thought this is the feeling when you stand on stage!” she exclaimed. “I’ve been in the industry for nine years, and this is my first time winning the Top 10 award. To me, it’s not too early or too late, the timing’s just right.”

5. Chen Bi Yu (not present)

Radio DJ Chen Bi Yu won the award for the second time in a row, but she was absent from the ceremony due to her ongoing radio show.

6. Tasha Low

This is the former K-pop group member’s second win as well. “I will keep working hard!” the 30 year old said in both Mandarin and Korean.

7. Chen Ning

The radio DJ won in 2023, and again this year. “I feel immensely proud and fortunate, so thank you to YES933, my fellow DJs, bosses and my family,” Chen Ning announced, adding that her parents are currently on a holiday in Hong Kong.

8. Yvonne Lim (not present)

It’s official: Yvonne Lim has graduated from the Top 10 awards, and has attained the All-Time Favourite Artiste status.

“Is Yvonne watching online? We don’t know. Anyway, congratulations on winning!” Host Guo Liang cheekily beamed. The actress is currently in Taiwan, where she lives with her husband, former Taiwanese boy band B.A.D member Alex Tien, and two children.

9. Xixi Lim

The Ah Girls Go Army star couldn’t hide her excitement as she received her very first Top 10 award. She had rushed over from backstage, where she was conducting behind-the-scenes interviews with fellow celebs.

10. Hong Ling

Hong Ling was so excited to receive her award that she quickly ran up on stage despite wearing a long and heavy gown.

“I thought I wouldn’t win!” she gasped and heaved a sign of relief.

1. Romeo Tan

“First up, we have… His name has four words,” Ah Jie Zoe Tay announced. Immediately, everyone knew. I mean, who else other than Romeo Tan, or 陈罗密欧 (Chen Luo Mi Ou)?

2. Marcus Chin

Marcus Chin took a unique approach to his acceptance speech — he came prepared with a song instead.

“This year, I won’t speak. I will sing instead,” the 70 year old host said.

“My heart is very happy that this award is finally in my hands. I am very thankful to everyone who voted. You guys are powerful! I will want to thank Mediacorp’s CEO and my Godmother. Thank you, King Kong Media for encouragement and my boss is Mark Lee,” he belted.

3. Jeff Goh

Another DJ has joined the ranks of Top 10 winners. Jeff Goh, caught by surprise by his win, admitted he “didn’t prepare too much” for his acceptance speech. Despite the lack of formal preparation, he expressed his sincere gratitude to the company, his fellow DJs, and most importantly, his fans.

4. Zhang Yao Dong

The 2001 Star Search Alumnus has been in the entertainment industry for 23 years. This is his fifth time receiving the award.

5. Pornsak (not present)

This marks Pornsak’s tenth time receiving the Top 10 Most Popular Artiste award. This milestone achievement puts him on track to receive the All-Time Favourite Artiste award next year, along with Yvonne Lim.

6. Desmond Tan

The newly-minted dad took the opportunity to express his gratitude to his wife on a public platform for the first time. “There’s someone I’ve never thanked on stage before,” he began, his voice filled with warmth. “This person is my Mrs. Tan. Thank you for always being my silent source of encouragement and support. I love you.” Awwwww!

7. Benjamin Tan

In an emotional speech, Benjamin Tan dedicated his first-ever Top 10 win to his late mother. “I want to thank my mum in heaven,” he said. “You can finally see me win an award. But don’t worry, I have a lot of mother figures in my company who take care of me.”

8. Shaun Chen

“Errrr, hi,” Shaun’s voice quivered. “I am so nervous. This year hasn’t been easy, but I’ve finally made it.” He also gave a special shout out to his wife and daughter, who are “probably asleep right now”.

9. James Seah

James Seah, a first-time Top 10 winner tonight, took a moment to reflect on his ten years in the industry. “Ten years of work, one minute on stage,” he joked. “I need to appreciate this!”

10. Jeremy Chan

Jeremy Chan is the night’s big winner! Not only did he take home the prestigious Best Actor award, he also secured a coveted spot in the Top 10 Most Popular Artistes.

“It’s almost the end of the show, so I need to be quick,” Jeremy playfully acknowledged as he thanked everyone he didn’t get to thank in his first speech. However, when he realised he had some extra time, Jeremy’s speech took a lighthearted turn. With a laugh, he added, “Also I want to thank my two cats, hahahahaha.”

Congratulations to all winners!