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The Star Awards 2024 sparkled with show-stopping performances, emotional speeches, and unexpected surprises. 

From regional A-listers such as Charmaine Sheh, K-pop idol SHINee member Onew, Taiwanese singer Chao Chuan and Taiwanese actor Chen Bolin to performances by local favourites like  Nathan Hartono, Jasmine Sokko, Mediacorp actor Desmond Ng and Tosh Zhang, this year’s ceremony was a night to remember. 

But what truly stole the show? We’ve got the scoop on the 7 most epic moments that had everyone buzzing. 

1. Dennis Chew and his Taylor Swift-inspired friendship bands

While everyone else sported dazzling jewels, DJ and host Dennis Chew took a unique approach to bling at the Star Awards. He opted for a statement piece — a full armload of Taylor Swift-inspired friendship bracelets. They weren’t just any bracelets though, for there were two “Star Awards” mentions, and even a shoutout to his fellow host, Guo Liang.

2. Zhang Ze Tong crying after winning Best Supporting Actor

A tearful Zhang Ze Tong definitely stole the show at the Star Awards. The 31-year-old Star Search alumnus choked back emotions after clinching the Best Supporting Actor award for his villainous role in All That Glitters.

“I can’t cry, I can’t cry,” he confessed between sobs, adding that “acting is tough”.

Besides this award, Ze Tong also snagged the Most Popular Rising Star award and a MyPick! award for Most Hated Villain, solidifying him as the biggest award winner of tonight’s ceremony.

3. Every single time Jesseca Liu and Jeremy Chan were seen together onscreen

Even after seven years of marriage, the love between Jesseca Liu and Jeremy Chan is undeniable.

Throughout the Star Awards, they were spotted celebrating each other’s triumphs on camera. Jeremy’s big night included a Best Actor win for his role in All That Glitters and a Top 10 Most Popular Artiste trophy.

The moment was extra sweet when they were caught on camera sharing a sweet kiss on the cheek before he went on stage. Jesseca also had her moment in the spotlight with a special montage showcasing her acting career, which prompted Jeremy to proudly film the whole thing.

4. Karyn Wong picking up Rui En’s fan sign


As stars like Karyn Wong, the part-time Love972 DJ and singer, made their red carpet entrances, a mishap occurred with Rui En’s fan club sign. Karyn spotted a fallen “R” from the sign, and graciously picked it up and returned it to the fan.

5. Zhu Hou Ren hilariously getting multiple mics shoved at him all at once during his red carpet interview

Technical difficulties added a touch of hilarity to the Star Awards. The veteran actor attempted to speak at the red carpet, but his microphone decided to take a break.

In a scene of good-natured chaos, multiple celebs rushed to hand him working mics, but even those seemed to be on the fritz. The situation reached a comedic peak when the hosts, in a flurry of exasperation, ended up shoving a collection of mics at the 69 year old.

6. Onew trying his hand at Singlish

Following the trend of foreign celebrities embracing Singlish, SHINee’s Onew added a local twist to his Star Awards experience. During his red carpet appearance, Onew delighted fans with a shoutout of “Shiok!” followed by a thumbs up sign.

7. The eye-catching outfits

Source: YES 933 Instagram

BTOs are taking too long so YES 933 DJ Kun Hua decided to build it himself. Phua Chu Kang-approved.


Gotta love Jin Yin Ji.


Someone say Big Bird, Elmo and Cookie Monster?


While everyone rocked heels, YES933 DJ Siau Jia Hui slayed with the platform limited edition Simon Rocha x Crocs collaboration.