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Let’s be real, property prices in Singapore is high. Some of us are struggling to even buy a HDB flat, much less a landed property, but in South Korea, actress Son Ye-jin bought a building and paid part of the sum in cash.

Known for her role in this year’s highly popular K-drama Crash Landing On You, Son Ye-jin is once again in the limelight, this time for purchasing a 16 billion KRW (S$19 million) building in Seoul.

According to a real estate industry official, the 38-year-old purchased the commercial building in the Sinsa-dong neighbourhood, Gangnam, under her name in July last year and paid off the remaining mortgage last month, reported Allkpop.

As if buying a building itself wasn’t spectacular enough, Ye-jin also paid a portion of it in cash — 4.4 billion KRW to be exact. The remaining 11.6 billion KRW was paid with a loan, stated the official.

The building, which spans six floors and 1,567 square metres in size, accommodates plastic surgery clinics, make-up stores, and beauty centres, 8 Days reported.

Tenants pay around $45 million KRW a month, with a deposit fee of $500 million KRW.

While the 22-year-old building has not been renovated yet, it is considered well-maintained and situated in a decent location.

Netizens are divided on the news, according to Allkpop. Some are upset with the great financial disparity between the common man on the street and celebrities, while others say it’s a legitimate investment.

Nevertheless, this is not Ye-jin’s first property purchase. She bought an old building in Seogyo-dong, Seoul, for 9.35 billion KRW in 2015 before selling it three years later for 13.5 billion KRW, according to online media Pinkvilla.

This article was first published in AsiaOne.