My boyfriend and I have a steamy sex life. We get it on at least twice a week. We also like to experiment and know what turns us on. He knows I enjoy riding him like a cowgirl, and I know he loves doing it doggy style. And talking dirty drives us wild!

Skype sex rocks says our satisfied tester DECOR

We’d like to try making sex videos, but we were iffy about virtual sex. Sure, I get aroused when we flirt via Whatsapp and Google Chat, but the idea of doing it on camera was weird. Still, I’d read online that Net sex was good fun, so we decided to try Skype. The first night we Skyped – I on my iPhone, he on his Macbook – we just chatted. In bed, I felt I missed him more than usual, maybe because I could see him but not touch him.

The next night, I felt frisky. After five minutes, I asked what he would do to me if I were with him. He said: “Stuff.” “What stuff ?” I teased him. “Squeezing your boobs,” he said. “Like this?” I said, fondling one breast. We laughed but I knew he was getting excited. I sure was! I took off my top. He took his off too, and said: “Take off your shorts.” I started to strip, slowly. With my phone on the bed, I knelt so he could watch me peel off as he too undressed.

We started touching ourselves. I held my phone close to my privates, and he put his computer on his bed an sat on a chair, masturbating. When I moaned, he moved his hand faster and said: “Turn around.” I did and after a minute of wiggling my butt, he climaxed. He later said he was fantasising about doggy-style sex, so I let him see me touching myself until I climaxed too.

So, is Skype sex as good as real-life sex? Not so far. He always makes sure I climax first when we’re together. And I wasn’t used to using my phone for sex. But it sure did bring out the voyeur and exhibitionist in me. Our conclusion: Once you get used to Skype sex and think of it as a homemade flick, it can be hot. Would we do it again? You bet!

*Not her real name


Have a hot shower, put on sexy lingerie and dab on perfume. You’ll feel confident and sexy.

Have a glass of wine (or two) to relax. To fuel foreplay chat, run through things you know will turn him – and you – on.

Use candles or amber-coloured lights to set the mood visually. Put on sexy background music for extra atmosphere.

This story was first published in Her World magazine February 2011.