Credit: Instagram/Cha Hyun-seung

Have a quick scroll through Netflix and it’s clear that dating reality shows are all the rage – think Love Island, Too Hot to Handle and Indian Matchmaking.

But nothing takes the cake like Single’s Inferno. The Korean series, currently in the Top 10 chart in Singapore, follows a group of attractive male and female contestants who try to find love while stranded on a remote island.

After completing various challenges, contestants who couple up with each other are rewarded with a stay in ‘paradise’, a nearby luxury hotel. 

Cha Hyun-seung, as well as two female contestants Kim Su-min and Seong Min-ji, only joined the show in the latest episodes but he is garnering plenty of attention recently.

Hyun-seung’s eye-catching physique and dashing looks have gotten viewers completely fixated on him.

He is already relatively popular prior to joining the show and can even be considered half a K-pop star for all the attention he’s getting as a back-up dancer to big K-pop names like Sunmi.  

On his personal Instagram account, which has over half a million followers, he’s posing with the likes of Rain and boy band Stray Kids.

Not too shabby.  

Alright, now let’s get to the juicy bits of Hyun-seung’s introduction to Single’s Inferno. In the first four episodes, it seems that contestants Kim Hyeon-joong and Song Ji-a are beginning to form a connection. 

However, the addition of hunky Hyun-seung — who’s also a model — to the show is a game-changer. He is Ji-a’s ideal type, according to an interview she did with the show’s producers.

Adding more awkwardness to the situation is the fact that Hyeon-joong and Hyun-seung are buddies.

Friends falling head-over-heels for the same girl. High school never ends, it seems. Now the conundrum begins for Ji-a — who does she pick? 

Watch it all unravel this Saturday (Jan 8) as the final two episodes of Single’s Inferno are released.

This article was first published in AsiaOne.