It seems Taiwanese singer Christine Fan Weiqi can never win on social media. On the day of the shocking Paris attacks on Nov 14, the 39-year-old pop star had posted photos of her twin baby boys on her Weibo account, only to be inundated with criticisms instead, My Paper reported. The photos showed her boys, nicknamed ‘Fei Fei’ and ‘Xiang Xiang’, playing while wearing goofy giraffe-eared headbands. Detractors accused her of “only caring about flaunting her kids and nothing else”.

The criticism is a throwback to a similar incident just two months ago in September, when the singer came under fire for ‘disrespecting’ China’s annual victory parade celebrations by posting a photo of her twin boys on the same day. Netizens had accused her of ‘turning a deaf ear’ on China’s celebration of victory against the Japanese during the second world war. Fan subsequently apologised and deleted the original post. Reacting to the latest incident, both Fan and her husband, fellow entertainer ‘Blackie’, posted messages of support for Paris on social media.