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Singer David Tao with wife Penny Chiang and Yang Ziqing (above). Image: Facebook/Penny Chiang, weibo.com/entpaparazzi

Taipei – Taiwanese R&B star David Tao has confessed to having dated Chinese artist manager Yang Ziqing, who has done a kiss-and-tell interview claiming he wanted to cheat on his wife with her.

Tao, 45, wed Taiwanese business heiress Penny Chiang, who is 15 years younger than him, last August. On Monday, Chinese website Quan Min Xing Tan shared via Weibo what it said were screenshots of Tao’s flirty text exchanges with Yang.

Tao said in a statement: “Since I, David Tao, met and married Miss Penny, I have never deliberately concealed any relationship with any friend, and my relationship with Yang Ziqing before marriage is no exception.”

He said he had not known about “the recent news about Yang Ziqing” before his wife forwarded it to him, reported Apple Daily.

“Although I haven’t been in regular contact with Yang Ziqing after marriage, there hasn’t been hostility. Penny has knowledge of all this,” he said.

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Singer David Tao with wife Penny Chiang (above) and Yang Ziqing. Image: Facebook/Penny Chiang, weibo.com/entpaparazzi

Yang, 22, has been in the news since last week, after Quan Min Xing Tan published photos of Taiwanese actor Lee Wei, 34, in bed with the manager, saying he had left her for Chinese actress Yao Di, 33, reported Apple Daily.

On Monday, the website uploaded what it said were screenshots of Yang’s WeChat messages with Tao.

In the text exchanges, the user named David calls himself the “husband” of the other user and says she should be his “little girlfriend”. Asked about his impending wedding, he answers: “But that is my mother’s will! But I still love you”.

He asks to meet the other user at Sofitel Wanda Beijing hotel, after saying: “This time my fiancee will be travelling with me okay”.

Tao issued his statement on Monday evening, saying he had not fooled around after his marriage. His wife had shared a photo of the couple on Facebook on Monday afternoon, said Apple Daily.

But yesterday morning, Quan Min Xing Tan published an interview with Yang, who challenged Tao’s story. She said he continued to contact her after his wedding, although she made it clear she did not want to be a third party in his marriage, said NetEase website.

She showed Quan Min Xing Tan what she said was a WeChat message she got from him last October, asking for a tryst.

This story was first published in The Straits Times on July 1, 2015. For similar stories, go to www.sph.straitstimes.com/lifestyle.

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