Homegrown wellness brand OSIM’s latest massage chair, OSIM uDivine V, now has megastar JJ Lin lending his name to it, making him the first Singaporean to join the other famous ambassadors such as Hong Kong actor-singers Andy Lau and Sammi Cheng, and South Korean actor Lee Min-ho.

One of the most celebrated names in the music scene, JJ who is based in Taiwan rose to international stardom with record-breaking album sales and concert tours, since the release of his debut album, Music Voyager, in 2003.



The uDivine V, which JJ is now promoting, is designed for the new generation of hustlers who aspire to dream big, break boundaries and live life to its fullest. The high-tech massage chair brings a new world of dream-like rejuvenation through cutting edge massage technologies such as the V Hand Technology with 720° roller balls, 4-Hands Massage,downloadable massage programs, and a suite of customisable manual massage options, and professional massage programs.

OSIM chief executive Charlie Teo says: “uDivine V is designed specially for people in this busy digital age, for a better quality of life by eliminating the stress that comes from piling workload, increasing use of digital devices…that actually strain not just the eyes, but also creating tensions in muscles around the shoulder and neck areas.”



One of JJ’s favourite features is the V- Hand massage, with its ability to target the common pain points of the body. “It feels almost exactly like a real person is massaging you, it’s really that good,” he raves. Users can also look forward to personalised massages with the Intelligent Auto Shoulder Detection Feature, providing a massage based on the individual’s height and build.

On his collaboration with OSIM, JJ elaborates: “They’re a homegrown brand that has pushed boundaries in cutting-edge innovation and has since gained recognition globally. This is something I can resonate with. We come together to inspire and motivate our new generation that, dreams do come true, as long as you are willing to embrace and pursue them.”



The 38-year-old singer-songwriter admits that his dreams have always been rather lofty and unrealistic. “I had many dreams when I was young; I wanted to be a policeman, I wanted to be a race car driver, a boxer…many things! My secret dream is actually to be a war journalist,” he laughs. But as far-fetched as one’s dreams may be, he says that with tenacity and hard work, they can come to fruition.

JJ’s ultimate dream is to “live his songs”. That is to “write my dreams and hopes into songs, and I hope they will materialise.” Asked if he’s in a relationship, JJ chuckles, saying that he’s still on the lookout for love. “It matters more and more to me these days.”



His upcoming JJ Lin Sanctuary 2.0 World Tour on Dec 21 at the National Stadium will be his biggest career milestone to date. “I am extremely grateful, getting to where I am today,” he adds. “The next song that I will be putting out is a very important one. It holds a lot of weight in the whole repertoire of songs.”

OSIM uDivine V is available at OSIM stores or online at http://sg.osim.com. Preview promotion price at $3,599 from now till October 27, 2019 (Usual price at $4,999).