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Photo: Desmond Tan / Facebook

If you watch local TV, you’d know local actor Desmond Tan, who currently plays the role of a serial killer in Channel 5’s crime drama Code of Law.

It has been a decade since he made his acting debut, after finishing runner-up in Star Search 2007.

Not only has his image changed drastically over the years, his personal style has also evolved, so much so he is now considered one of the most stylish male artists at Mediacorp.




From his Star Search days when he was into flamboyant Japanese fashion and had long flowing hair, he is looking more mature and suave now, as befitting his heart-throb status.

Desmond, 31, told The New Paper about his earlier style: “It was loud and in your face. Some people thought it was a mess and it was crazy.”

Now, he describes his style as clean, comfortable and effortlessly chic.



“It is more conservative and people can accept it more,” he said.

Desmond’s current obsession is oversized clothing and sneakers, both of which contribute to a relaxed and casual look.

He revealed that half his wardrobe is filled with about 30 oversized shirts and jackets, and he has close to 60 pairs of sneakers.

However, as his 183,000 Instagram followers can attest to, Desmond can also be quite the fashion chameleon.

He said he is an adventurer at heart and is always seeking to experiment with different kinds of looks.



“I love exploring. Exploring is the word for me. For the past decade, I have been trying out different things, and I have not stopped switching between looks. As an actor, I enjoy changing from image to image.”

After making a name for himself as a leading man on Channel 8, Desmond is returning to English-language shows after previously appearing in Spouse For House (2014-2015) and Mata Mata: A New Generation (2015).

He is currently starring in the fourth season of crime drama Code Of Law as Derek, a serial killer. It airs on Channel 5 on Mondays at 10pm.

Desmond relished this departure from his good guy image, saying: “I have come to a point in my career where I just want to try different roles. I thought it would be interesting and challenging.

“It was fun as I needed to learn more about the psychological state of mind of this character. I did quite a lot of research online about serial killers. I watched their interviews, documentaries and tried to understand their mentalities and hobbies.”



Desmond said the character – whose modus operandi is to don a black apron whenever he murders someone – is a seemingly normal and well-adjusted man, but one who harbours a dark secret.

He said jokingly: “This role is not really going to affect my style because I don’t see myself wearing an apron.”

Scroll through the gallery to see some of his best styles.



This article was originally published in The New Paper