We combed through Joseph Schooling’s Instagram account to find his best posts. It’s a tough job but somebody had to do it! Here are our 10 favourite ones.

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Joseph posted this after his crowded but very welcome homecoming at Changi Airport on 15 August. While we’re glad that he’s happy to be home and to see his family and friends again, the thing we love most about this post is the hashtag – #chyetowkwaytime. He’s just like us then, misses the awesome food in Singapore when he’s away. And we’re totally stealing that hashtag too.


If you need a photo to prove that Joseph’s a Mummy’s Boy (in a good way), this is it. Just look at that adorable grin on his face while his mum’s kissing him. We also can’t get enough of those eyebrows


Dad isn’t second fiddle in Joseph’s life, he’s just as important as mum and the Olympic gold medalist is proud to show his love for his father too. His simple message to his dad on Father’s Day – “Thank you for putting up with me for 21 years”. Aaw…


Now, who doesn’t like looking at a hot guy with a convertible? And this is exactly what we love about this photo, taken at the Singapore Cricket Club in August last year.


Before winning Singapore’s first-ever Olympic gold medal, Joseph won another first – Singapore’s first-ever podium finish at the FINA World Championships, when he won a bronze medal in the 100m butterfly final. And he celebrated it with this photo, thanking everyone for their support – and noted that it was just in time for #SG50 too.


As if we needed more evidence of his patriotism, Joseph gave us a sneak peak into his bedroom at home in Singapore and showed us that he actually has our national flag hanging on his bedroom wall


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Apart from the fact that it’s a great photo of Joseph in the pool, it also shows us he’s just a regular 21-year-old, having to deal with exam stress too, counting down the days till it’s over.


He might be only 21 but he’s certainly a charming big kid, as this photo with his parents – and Donald Duck! – taken in Hong Kong Disneyland shows.


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Baby Joseph. In a sailor’s outfit. Enough said.


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Do we really need to explain why we love this photo, taken at 2014’s Asian Games?


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