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Black minidress
“Black is slimming and there’s no harm in showing off sexy legs. Better yet if she pairs it with heels.” – Sherman Yang, 27, content producer

Skimpy lingerie
“A woman in sexy lingerie can be visually stimulating – a triple boost of hotness. No Viagra needed!” – Cheng King Xiang, 38, human resource manager

Red lipstick
“Safe colours are boring. But don’t wear it with a red dress at night. It just looks scarily vampire-like, especially if you have fair skin.” – Jerome Siew, 30, media producer

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Musky perfumes
“A hot babe is never complete without a sexy scent. It completes the package – looks good, smells good too.” – Victor Zhuang, 32, researcher


OTT cleavage
“It’s distracting. A guy might stop concentrating on the conversation and start wondering how her boobs defy gravity.” – Ervin Lim 29, finance executive

Doll-like eye makeup
“I prefer a natural look. If a woman’s eyes are disproportionately large, she’ll look like a manga character. And small eyes can be hot – just look at Lum May Yee.” – Terence Chan, 29, property analyst

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This story was first published in Her World Magazine November 2012.

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